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Algorithm and AI: Future of Car Designs

Algorithm and AI: Future of Car Designs

When the news relating to self-autonomous cars first surfaced, we all thought that it was wishful thinking – an unrealistic goal set by enthusiastic engineers. But, thanks to the advancement in artificial intelligence (AI), this distant dream is now turning into a reality. Automobile companies are now manufacturing driverless cars that will allow drivers to relax and let their machine handle the long drives.

In this article, we’ll have a look at the future of care designs and discuss how AI is making a difference in the field of automobiles.

The Future of Car Designs at a Glance

1. Driverless Automobiles

Can you really own a driverless automobile? The answer is yes. And this couldn’t have been possible, had there been no advancement in AI. It is an established fact that one needs an enormous amount of processing power to drive a car. Conventional computers, however, cannot perform this task. This is why it requires AI to turn the dream of self-autonomous cars into a reality. To date, the two companies that are leading the project of self-driving cars are Tesla and Google.

Under the banner of Waymo, Google has been conducting test drives for the launch of a self-autonomous car. This car is equipped with AI software that uses data from the vehicle’s radar, GPS, and cloud services and produces control signals that operate the vehicle.

In the same manner, Tesla uses pretty much the same equipment including eight cameras, sonar, forward-forcing radar, and ultrasonic sensors to produce control signals to operate the car. Another fascinating feature of Tesla’s Autopilot is that it doesn’t ‘only’ drive the car. If you are in no mood for talking, Tesla’s software will refer to your calendar and take you to your scheduled appointment.

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2. AI Cloud Services

In addition to driverless cars, there are other features that you can avail with the help of AI. In conventional vehicles, you are used to of witnessing low-battery indicators or check-engine lights. If you are driving a car equipped with AI, your car will be able to detect problems that have the potential for negatively affecting the vehicle.

3. AI Automotive Insurance

Accidents can happen any time. In case you met with an accident, you are too traumatized to think about filing the relevant forms with your insurance company for the rightful claim. As a result, the claim gets detailed and you have to make various visits to get the amount. With an AI-equipped car, however, you don’t have to worry about these details. In case of accidents, the AI in the car speeds up the process of filing claims.

4. AI in Car Manufacturing

The wonders of AI are not limited to the functions of the car. In fact, car manufacturing companies use AI in the production of the car. Wearable robots, introduced by Kia Motors in collaboration with Hyundai Chairless Exoskeleton (H-CEX) help workers protect their neck, back, and knees while working in the production facility.  

5. AI in Car Design

Creativity was used to be a distinct feature of humans. But, thanks to artificial intelligence, the world is now witnessing the advent of computer-assisted art. And while AI is not creating an entire design from scratch, it is assisting car manufacturers to adopt a new approach when it comes to car design. Digital design tools have introduced unique patterns for both the interior and exterior of the car that was once unachievable using conventional method.

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The Final Word  

Artificial intelligence has indeed revolutionized the automobile industry. Its jaw-dropping innovations have brought humans to a futuristic reality we all read about in fantasy books.