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International Prostar Review, Problems, Interior

International Prostar XT are a popular line of commercial trucks with a Cummins or N13 engine and an Eaton or Allison transmission. Production ranged from 2004 to 2007 out of Garland, Texas. The XT series of trucks were marketed to consumers after the discontinuation of the Scout and 100-Series trucks were discontinued. The International Scout had been used mainly for off-roading, while the 100-Series trucks were used for many purposes, including hunting, off-roading, and the newly created extreme sport of mud bogging.  With a name like International, a long history of customer satisfaction, customer service and a great reputation behind a quality product is implied.

Indeed, the International brand has a long history in America, dating back to the turn of the last century, when International was a large name in farming equipment. The International tractor was a huge name in the tractor market, and the scarlet colored International tractor coupled with the scarlet and black International symbol of those days became an icon of the times, particularly in the American South and Mid-West.

Although geared to commercial applications, the International Prostar was and continues to be a very popular vehicle among celebrities. Several extreme variants of the International Prostar are available, including a CXT (Commercial Extreme Truck), an RXT(recreational Extreme Truck) and an MXT (Military Extreme Truck) version. Whatever the need and market, International Prostardelivers a quality product that is tough and definitely in demand.

One of the most original and interesting variations on the XT is Project XT. This variant offers many unique options including specialized molding for both the interior and exterior, special skylights and fog lights, mood lighting and specialized upholstery, a DVD player with multiple viewing screens, a refrigerator, and a 300 horse power engine. Sadly, the Project XT never made it to the production lines.

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Why would celebrities, as well as people looking for trucks with recreational, military and extreme commercial uses be looking at International trucks? Prostar XT trucks are a driver’s dream. With luxurious interiors, you won’t get road rash from your own truck. Plush seats, With a choice of all black interior or woodgrain interior, you can make the road feel more like your home. Not to mention – our trucks can handle any job. From the battlefield in Afghanistan and Iraq, to the ice roads of extreme Northern Queensland, Canada, to pulling your parents travel trailer and recreational vehicles – our commercial trucks can handle any job at all!

Take a simple visit to our website for an interactive app that allows you to build your own virtual truck. Rotate and see the truck both inside and outside from 360 degrees. You can see and experience the luxury and value that set an International apart from other trucks and set their appeal above that of other trucks in their class. Stop by our showroom, talk to our friendly staff and see our trucks for yourself. You will be amazed. Experience the world class luxury and value of our trucks today!

International Prostar Interior


International Prostar Price

From $129,900