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International Lonestar Specs, Price, Interior, Reviews

International Lonestar Specs, Price, Interior, Reviews

Navistar International is a major producer of commercial trucks. While there are a few makes and models designed to target individual consumers, the vast majority of trucks built by the company are commercial grade. This includes the International Lonestar. The International Lonestar is a Class 8 truck, which places it right in the middle of medium-duty and severe-service trucks. The International Lonestar is most often seen as a semi-tractor trailer, used to tow en excessive amount of weight. However, it does have a different look and streamlined design over what most of the other Class 8 trucks on the market have.

The International Lonestar Class 8 trucks has a very unique design. The hood is not squared off like most semi-tractor trailers. Instead, it comes to a point right in the middle and angles off in both directions in a chrome construction, similar to a train’s cow catcher on the front. All of the highlights of the truck are etched in chrome, so it stands out when compared to other trucks of the model class.

International Lonestar Specs

Class 8 is a very specific class of trucks it is a different version of consumer grade truck. When comparing different models of truck, there is the Class 1 Light Duty Toyota Tacoma. The Class 2 would feature a Ford Excursion or even the Ford F-250. Class 3 is a truck like the Ford F-350, while naturally the Ford F-450 falls in line with Class 4. A Chevy Kodiak 4×4 is a Class 5, while a class 6 is the Ford F-650 (it is easy to tell the class of vehicle for many American trucks, including Dodge, GM and Ford by the first number inserted into the truck title). Class 7 is where the vehicles start to go larger as the Peterbilt 330 dump truck falls here. A class 8 is what theInternational Lonestar is. In order to fall under this category the truck needs to weight at least 33,000 pounds. Generally, these kinds of trucks are gong to have at least three or more axles, with a five axle tractor trailer coming in, known as a semi tractor trailer )or 18 wheeler). The overall size and length of a Class 8 can vary from one model to the next, as the only real factor in terms of identifying it as a Class 8 is the 33,000 pound weight.

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The Lonestar went into production starting in 2008 and has remained in production ever since. There are four different trim models available from this line. There is the standard model, the Daycab, which is a smaller version of the traditional model that does not have a sleeper section in the rear of the cab. Most Lonestar models do have the provided sleeper cab for long haul trips. There is the Harley version which is designed with collaboration from Harley-Davidson. This more or less just brings in a few design details although the engine does not change at all. Lastly, there is the Recovery model, which is a tow truck variation of the design.

In terms of horsepower and engine, the overall design and engine type can vary based on what the buyer needs. It comes with a Maxxford 13 / Cummins ISX 15 engine and Navistar International also provides both a manual and automatic transmission, depending on the consumer needs.

International Lonestar Interior


International Lonestar Price

Price from US $159,500