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International 9900i Truck

International 9900i Truck

Navistar International designs several different variations of model trucks. Most of these trucks are large, business grade trucks, although the company does sell a few vehicles labeled “pickups.” It does sell four different Class 8 trucks. A class 8 truck can vary in size and length, although it needs to weight at least 33,000 pounds in order to reach this classification (it is usually going to have at lest three axis as well). The four different Class 8 trucks Navistar International sells is the LoneStar, ProStar, 9000 Series and the TranStar. In terms of the 9000 Series, the only model currently still in production (four of the five models have been discontinued) is the International 9900i.

The International 9900i is designed to to provide the very best performance in the Class 8 truck design. This model of truck does feature a sleeper cab, yet the front of the truck is different from the traditional International trucks designed by the company (several of the other Class 8 trucks built by Navistar have an angled hood, while the International 9900i features a flat face hood).

Elements under the hood of the International 9900i can change from one vehicle to the next based on requirements of the purchaser, but the standard engine is able to produce 600 horsepower out of the Cummins ISX15 at 1800 RMP. It can produce 2,050 pound feet of torque at 1,200 RMP with a Gov. speed of 2000 RPM and a clutch engagement torque of 1,000 at a pound feet of 800 rpm.

The International 9900i is designed to provide a long distance traveler vehicle for jobs that need to go cross country or further. It uses a long dozed design that is ordained with a chrome grill and a headlight bezel, all of which are chrome (including the bumper). Inside of the air suspension cab, it allows the driver to focus more on the road and less on attempting to control the truck as it is far easier than other models. The wide track axle helps improve handling, smooths out the right and simply makes it a better vehicle to drive. For drivers who are handling the truck cross country or internationally, this is an extremely important feature to have.

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On top of what is under the hood, this Class 8 truck features a high-efficiency HVAC system. This way, it is always comfortable inside both of the truck and the sleeper cab itself. Thanks to the impressive horsepower and the interior cabin features, the truck is one of the most sought after Class 8 trucks currently on the market today. It is why so many professionals always look towards this truck as the transportation and hauling vehicle of choice.