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International Paystar

International Paystar

The Navistar International vehicle manufacturer specializes in the construction of several different model lines of trucks and busses. While the company does sell a few pickup trucks (although the last came off the assembly line in 2008), most are geared towards industry professionals. This includes medium duty, Class 8, Severe-Service and Navistar Defense trucks. The company produces two different lines of vehicles that fall under the Severe0Service line of trucks. This includes the International WorkStar and theInternational PayStar truck. The International PayStar truck is a true heavy duty vehicle that has very special designs and usage.

First constructed in 1972, the International PayStar has been one of the top selling vehicles from the company. There are four different trim models available under the International PayStar line, including the 5500, 5600, 5900 SFA (Set Front Axle) and the 5900 SBA (Set Back Axle). The vehicle itself uses three different kinds of engine, based on the model line and the requirements of the buyer. This includes the Maxxforce 11, the Maxxforce 13 and the Cummins ISX 15. All of the vehicles come with a manual 10 to 18 speed transmission, although some can be specially ordered to come with an Allison Automatic HD 4560.

International Harvester first released the PayStar in January of 1972 as a construction based vehicle. The company continued to sell the vehicle until 1986, when Navistar International took over the construction and design of the vehicle. There are different weight load designs and requirements for the vehicle. The more recent designs are pushing more towards a semi-tractor design, although the more traditional, straight truck is available as well. Depending on the version sold, the smaller vehicles weigh in at 20,000 pounds, although the random rear axel versions can weigh in at over 73,000 pounds. The more recent semi-tractor design of the vehicle includes an 80,000 pound construction line.

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Different design models of the International PayStar are available. There is a 6×6 fire engine available for inner city use when a larger fire truck is too big to navigate the city safely. There is a PayStar 5500 6×4 roll-ff container, such as a dump truck design. There is also the PayStar 5900 SBA, which is a 6×4 chassis-cab. most of these vehicles can be specially designed for the customer based on what they need and what sort of towing requirement they are in need of.

The 5900 model uses several different engines, again based on needs. The entry level engine features a 365 horsepower, 1,250 pound feet of torque engine while the maxed out variation features a 475 horsepower, 1,700 pound feet of torque when using the N13 engine. For more powerful engines, there is the Cummins ISX15. The base engine is a 500 horsepower, 1,650 pound feet of torque engine while it can max out at 600 horsepower and 2,050 pound feet of torque. It all just depends on what someone is looking for and if they want their vehicle designed for construction, heavy haul and government requirements.