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International DuraStar Review, Problems, Interior

International DuraStar Review, Problems, Interior

Navistar International designs a wide selection of trucks sold internationally. While the company does sell a fe pickups (the last sold design released in 2008), the majority of the vehicles fall under medium duty and larger. Currently, the company sells four different lines of Class 8 trucks. For a truck to fall under the Class 8 category, it needs to weigh in at over 33,000 pounds. The International DuraStar, however, falls into the Class 6 and 7 category as it just misses this weight requirement. It is the largest medium duty grade of truck, larger than both the TerraStar and CityStar class trucks sold by the company.

A Class 8 trucks is typically known as a semi or 18 wheeler. The International DuraStar is an extended truck that is still used as a equipment transport vehicle. First hitting the markets in 2002, the truck comes in several different body styles. This includes a tractor and straight truck design. There is also a Cowled chassis and Cutaway Cab bus model.

The International DuraStar 4400 has a wheelbase of 140 inches to 254 inches and takes advantage of an International DT570 / Maxxforce 9 engine. Depending on which Maxxford 9 engine used, it ranges from 225 to 300 horsepower and 620 to 860 pound feet of torque. The particular model of vehicle is most often used in long transport busses, such as Greyhound busses. So, while large, it does not fall under the semi tractor trailer design.


There is a hybrid truck available as well, which can cut some fuel cost while using the International DuraStar. The 2007 release of the truck included a hybrid diesel electric truck. This is a specialty vehicle though and is not generally sold to the public. Instead, it is sold to industry specialists and the United States Federal Government. There is a consumer version of the DuraStar that is constructed by Midwest Automotive Designs, based out of Elkhart, Indiana. There is also a pickup model designed by the company that falls into the Class 5 and Class 6 variation of trucks (on par with the Ford F-550 and the Ford F-650) known as the DuraStar Hauler.

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International DuraStar Specs

There are different variations of the truck for sale currently. The 4100 Truck is the base model variation. It uses a MaxxForce 7 or VT 365 engine. The MaxxForce 7 uses a 6.0L V8 that produces 200 horsepower and 560 pound feet of torque. The VT 365 is a 6.4L V8 230 horsepower engine that produced 620 pound feet of torque. Beyond the entry level truck, there is the 4300, the mentioned 4400 and the sub variation versions of the 4400. These sub variants include the 4400LP, which shifts the weight of the vehicle, based on what a consumer needs for their particular work load.

In regards to the bus selection of the International DuraStar, there is a 3200, which is sold with a cab and a cutaway cab option. There is also a 3500, which is sold with a cowled chassis. This particular design is used typically as a school bus, although there are some other Panoramic bus designs that help improve the overall look and feel of the vehicle. It all really just comes down to what a consumer is looking for and what sort of truck they need for the job.

International DuraStar Price

from $40.000