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How Much Should Replacement Brakes Cost?

How Much Should Replacement Brakes Cost?

If you are in need of new brakes on your vehicle, there are a few different elements you need to consider when it comes to the price. First off, if you are able to replace the brakes or if you know someone with experience changing brakes, this is always the best way to go. You can change your own brakes for considerably less than what you might pay anywhere else. The price from a garage to you doing it yourself drops 75 percent easily and it is not terribly difficult to do. However, if you are not able to change the brakes yourself or if you feel more comfortable having a professional change the brakes, you probably are wondering how much does it cost to change brakes. To determine this, you need to look into a few different variations involved with your vehicle.

The make and model of your vehicle does play a role in the overall cost of your brakes. If you are curious as to what brakes cost from the store (so you know what to compare it to at your local garage), you can log on to your favorite part suppliers website and enter in your vehicle information. Here, you can see exactly how much the replacement brakes can cost from the store.

Now, at the garage, there is often a difference in cost ranging from the front or rear brakes. A set of brake pads can often run anywhere from $60 to $110, depending on the make and model of your vehicle. Now, if you need to replace the disc brakes and the calipers, it is going to increase the price. Calipers cost starting around $90 and can go over $500, although this is usually for more expensive vehicle or performance cars.

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The rear disc brakes and calipers put together generally cost lest than what you might find on the front of the vehicle. Put together, these can cost anywhere from $60 all the way up to $1,000, depending on your make and model. This goes into how much does it cost to change brake pads. After the cost of the pads, your garage is going to charge you for labor. The labor cost, when you look at your receipt, is often more expensive than the parts, and the parts are probably going to be marked up. In order to avoid drastically marked up parts, you need to do your homework and check online to see what the brakes for your particular car do cost. This should help you significantly avoid overpaying.

Again, if you are up for the challenge, or know someone who can change the brakes, this is the best way to go and you can probably change the pads for $50. However, this is probably going to jump another $100 should you take it into the locale garage.