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How to make your car smell good

How to make your car smell good

A car that smells good is the pride of any driver. You would not want to be embarrassed when you carry your friends in your vehicle, and all they feel is a very terrible smell. Well, you can avoid such scenarios. You fist need to identify the cause of such bad odors. The most common reasons for bad odor in cars are, mold, split drinks and food, dampness, pet smells, mechanical problems and smoke from tobacco.

The following methods, show how you can get rid of the bad odor in your car, and have a pleasant drive.

Clean your car regularly and thoroughly

Thoroughly cleaning your car can clear away terrible car odors. You can clean the car yourself or take it to a professional to clean it up. Regardless of who cleans it, the car ought to be cleaned in a very thorough way. It involves clearing out all corners, trunk, and partitions; vacuuming the seats thoroughly; washing and drying up the floor mats and the floor of the car. The hard surfaces have to be cleaned using antiseptic cleaners, and airing your car is also a prerequisite. Roll down all the windows on a dry, sunny day, to allow fresh air into your car.

Avoid smoking in your car

Smoking in your car can make it unbearable for non-smokers. The seat upholstery tends to suck the smoke and retain the smell that is pretty difficult to remove. For those who can’t quit smoking in their cars, the ashtray should be used, and even so, you have to empty it every day and wash it weekly. You can also air your car by completely rolling down every window on a dry day and regularly vacuuming your car.

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Be cautious when you have pets and children in your car

Pets such as dogs also contribute to bad odors in cars. When you are traveling with your pets, ensure you place a blanket on the seat and floor to prevent the seats from absorbing odors. Young kids also like taking drinks and snacks in the car and most of the time, end up spilling them in the car. Even adults who eat in cars tend to spill food and drinks. You can avoid eating in your car or always use spill-proof cups for fluids and drinks. On the same note, you can only allow dry snacks like cookies and dry cereal, whose crumbs are easy to vacuum.

Keep your car dry and free from moisture

Moisture in the car’s carpets and seats can cause bad smell. Ensure you always dry your carpets and vacuum your seats.

Use automotive Air Freshener and replace them when empty

Air fresheners play a significant role in making your car smell good. However, you ought to ensure that you follow the other methods such as regular cleaning as you cannot cover up bad smell with air fresheners. Automotive air fresheners come in different forms; sprays, beads, gels, card boards, vent, and potpourri. Air fresheners are available in most retail outlets like auto part shops, gas stations, gift shops and even in online stores. When they are empty, replace them with new ones.


Having a car that smells good is not hard. You just have to ensure that you identify what causes the odor, and take necessary steps in removing the odor and preventing them from reoccurring. Also remember to ventilate your car regularly in dry periods and use nice-scented air fresheners. The above steps will not guarantee a nice scent in your car but also enable you, your friends or family, to have a smooth ride.

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