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What is car chip tuning?

What is car chip tuning?

You might have heard of the term car chip tuning, but you might not actually know what it means. Inside every single vehicle, there is a computer chip. This chip can typically be accessed near the steering wheel, close to the hood release (although this does depend on the actual make and model of the vehicle). The computer chip helps inform the vehicle how it needs to perform. It also can help inform your vehicle when it needs to change the oil, when engine maintenance is required and other important features you need to monitor. Car chip tuning is when you fine tune the information stored on the chip in order to increase performance and alter how the vehicle is actually going to perform.

Performance chip tuning is going to alter the overall production of the vehicle. It is able to improve the power, reduce emissions or increase fuel economy. Generally speaking, when it comes to performance chip tuning, you want the vehicle to increase the horsepower while driving. By using this technique on the vehicle’s chip, you can alter different elements of the vehicle. This might push more fuel into the engine, allowing it to burn more which in turn is going to increase the power. It also might bring in more oxygen into the vehicle, which can help with performance and power as well.

When dealing with the electronic control unit of your vehicle, you can alter the spark timing on a fuel injection vehicle. The throttle control, poppet valve and boost control (if you have a turbocharged engine) can all be manipulated. Even when performing diesel chip tuning, you are able to improve the performance of your vehicle. Now, it is important to always realize that this might negate the vehicle warranty, should the diesel chip tuning or other improvements you make cause some sort of a mechanical issue.

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There are a few reasons why you might want to perform the chip tuning on your vehicle. Outside of just trying to muster more power out of your vehicle, if you have made modifications to it, such as altering the exhaust or engine intake, simply installing these new features are not going to instantly have an impact on the vehicle. You need to inform the vehicle’s chip computer to make sure it knows of the upgrade as well. Until you inform the computer, these modifications might simply function as cosmetic over anything else.

The chip tuning process is rather straight forward though. There is a special adapter cable you can plug directly into a computer, and when running a software that understands the information given out by the vehicle, you can tweak this information to better fit your desired performance and alterations that have been made to your car.