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Most expensive tolls in the United States

Most expensive tolls in the United States


Alaska offers us one of the most unique as well as one of the most expensive tunnels in the country.

The Anton Anderson Memorial Tunnel is the only way to get from Anchorage to Prince William Sound. This modern tunnel marvel is only one lane and is used by both trains and cars traveling in both directions. It usually needs to be aired out between trips via a jet turbine ventilation system. With automobiles traveling directly over the railroad tracks, it has prevented the construction of a new tunnel and saved millions of dollars. It is the 2nd longest tunnel in North America at 2.5 miles. The toll is only in the eastbound direction and is $12.00 per car.

Toll: $12.00

Distance: 2.5 miles


California has two of the most expensive roadways in the U. S. A.

17 Mile Drive, not to be confused with Old 17 Mile Drive, will cost you $10.00 to drive down the Pacific Coast. This scenic drive takes you through the exclusive, gated community of Pebble Beach. If you are a resident there is no cost to use the road, but if you are a non-resident be prepared to pay $10.00 for the opportunity to see these lovely views of the Pacific Ocean.

Toll: $10.00

Distance: 17 Miles


Next is a national landmark the Golden Gate Bridge. The bridge spans 1.5 miles across the Golden Gate Strait connecting the city of San Francisco to Sausalito, in Marin County. Cars heading Southbound pay $7.00 for the trip, Fastrak only costs $6.00 and if you carpool it will only be $4.00 during peak hours.

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Tolls range: $4.00 to $7.00

Distance: 4200 ft


Delaware has a spot on our list too

The entrance to the Delaware Turnpike charges Marylanders’ a $4.00 toll to head to the shore, Atlantic City and other eastward destinations. The locals know how to avoid this 13.68 length of toll road by using parallel and back roads. Daily traffic is 90,000 vehicles.

 Toll: $4.00

Distance: 13.68 Miles


Illinois has it’s own expensive toll road at $.57 per mile.

The Chicago Skyway Toll Bridge, a 7.8 mile road that was built in 1958 connects the Dan Ryan Expressway to the Indiana Toll Road. As of January 2015 the toll is now $4.50 increasing $.50 from 2014.

 Toll: $4.50

Distance: 7.8 Miles


Maryland has a 1.5 mile tunnel that takes you under a river.

The Fort McHenry Tunnel is 7,920 feet beneath the Patapsco River, it is a 1.5 mile trek through which over 44 million cars pass annually. This toll is $4.00 each way, no financial breaks for the folks in and around Baltimore.

Toll: $4.00

Distance: 1.5 Miles

lincoln tunnel

The state of New York has the distinction of seven of the most expensive toll roads in the country.

Here are two of the most expensive tunnel tolls at $14.00 per toll, as of December 7, 2014. The Lincoln Tunnel connects Weehawken, New Jersey to Midtown Manhattan, there are three tubes and they range from the shortest being 7,482 feet, to the longest at 8,216 feet. The second is the Holland Tunnel, which runs from Manhattan connecting Interstate 78 to Jersey City, New Jersey. This tunnel has two tubes, westbound is 8,558 feet long and eastbound is 8,371 feet. The toll is charged only when traveling into the city.

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 Toll: $14.00

Lengths vary: 7,482 feet to 8,558 feet, depending on the tube and tunnel


The George Washington Bridge, known as the GWB or GW is a double decked suspension bridge. The GW connects Manhattan to Fort Lee, New Jersey and spans the Hudson River. It carries over 106 million vehicles a year and is considered the worlds busiest motor vehicle bridge. It has 8 lanes on the upper deck and 6 lanes on the lower for a total of 14 lanes. The toll is $14.00 eastbound only and the total length is 4,760 feet.

 Toll: $14.00

Length: 4,760 feet


The Verrazano-Narrows Bridge is also a double decked suspension bridge and connects the boroughs of Staten Island and Brooklyn. It has a total of 12 lanes 6 on the upper and 6 on the lower decks. It is 4,260 feet long and the cost is $15.00, the toll is westbound.

 Toll: $15.00

Length: 4,260 feet

Brooklyn Battery tunnel

Two more toll tunnels that bring you into New York are the Brooklyn Battery tunnel and the Queens-midland tunnel. The Brooklyn Battery connects Brooklyn to Manhattan by going under the East River at its mouth. The tunnel has two tubes that hold four lanes of traffic, it is 9,117 feet long, the toll is $7.50 and is only charged once. The Queens-Midtown Tunnel is also a $7.50 toll. This tunnel too crosses under the East River connecting Queens and the Long Island Expressway on Long Island. This tunnel has two tubes that carry four traffic lanes, the length is 6,414 feet.

 Tolls per tunnel: $7.50

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Lengths respectively: 9,117 and 6,414

Whiteface Veteran’s Memorial Highway

Still in New York State but out of Manhattan, is Whiteface Veteran’s Memorial Highway. The eight mile climb into the Adirondacks will provide you with some of the most outstanding scenic views you may ever find. The cost is high for all that beauty, though, vehicle and driver are charged $10.00, all other passengers pay an additional $7.00 each.

 Toll: $10.00 for driver and $7.00 per passenger

Length: 8 Miles

Fort Bend Parkway leading into Houston

Texas also has an offering for an expensive toll road

The Fort Bend Parkway leading into Houston, Texas via the Sam Houston Parkway, is 7.8 miles long, and the toll to get you there $4.00.

 Toll: $4.00

Distance: 7.8 Miles

Chesapeake Bay-Bridge Tunnel

Virginia has an amazing 17.6 miles of tunnel and bridge combined and is known as one of the seven engineering wonders of the modern world.

The Chesapeake Bay-Bridge Tunnel brings you across the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay connecting you with Virginia’s Eastern Shore and the Virginia mainland near Norfolk. The bridge turns into a tunnel at one point to allow ships access to Norfolk, one of the busiest seaports on the east coast. The cost is $15.00 each way unless you make a round trip within 24 hours, then the trip would only cost $18.00.

Toll: $15.00 one way

Length: 17.6 miles

Finally, you have the Tacoma Narrows Bridge in Washington state.