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Volkswagen W12 Coupe

Volkswagen W12 Coupe

VW has long been seen as the more bland automotive manufacturer out of Germany. The vehicles are all well built, reliable and provide exceptional value, but there is really no offering that stands out from the crowd. Many share the same shape and look, without truly going overboard. All of the other German auto manufacturers have vehicles that are designed to grab headlines and to attract views due to the construction. Porsche has long been the performance driven line out of Germany, while BMW, Mercedes, Audi and Bugatti all offer some aggressive sports coupes as well. However, it looks like the times have changed as the Volkswagen W12 is set to make its debut, at least in the coming months. The vehicle recently hit the racetrack and set a series of performance records for vehicles in its category. Although there is no official timetable as to when it might be released to the public, these different construction designs and specs that are being leaked out should make anyone looking for a Volkswagen W12 hopeful.


It is important to note that no specifics regarding the Volkswagen W12 have been announced yet. This means nobody actually knows what the horsepower, torque, engine size or anything like that is. However, it is possible to see that the vehicle is going to be fast, at least if VW keeps the same engine and performance features inside of the vehicle that it used around the racetrack. In fact, over 24 hours of race time, the vehicle was able to maintain 183 miles per hour, or 294 kilometers an hour. After going back to the drawing board and coming out with slight adjustments, the vehicle hit the track again and maintained an average speed of 322.89 kilometers an hour over 24 hours of race time. This is a total of 663 more kilometers traveled during the same 24 hour period.

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Based off of the size of the track and some other analysis of the vehicle, it is most likely that, at least as of right now, the vehicle has a six-liter, V-12 engine made up of two small V6 four-valve modules that are angled off at 72 degrees (several photographs of the engine block do confirm this).

Now, it is important to understand that the idea of this vehicle has been around since early 2002. The vehicle has tantalized fans of VW with the idea of possibly having a well polished sports coupe, but it has not yet come to fruition. With the latest information, performance times and possible engine inside of the vehicle, it becomes more and more likely that it does eventually come to at least a motor show in the near future (possibly in Tokyo). Now, it is important to understand that many vehicles do make it to motor shows and do not actually make it to production, but there are strong hopes that this is finally the performance coupe all VW fans around the world has been waiting for for over a decade.