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A Quick Comparison of the Dodge Charger Vs Ford Mustang

A Quick Comparison of the Dodge Charger Vs Ford Mustang

Every time people talk about outstanding salon cars in the market, these two brands are out rightly mentioned. This is because they tend to have lots of resemblance right from their physical attributes to their performance on the road. Looking at the dodge charger vs ford mustang at a closer range, it will be notable that the mustang has only 3 doors even though it also has a passenger capacity of 4 just as the Dodge charger which has 5 doors that make it look more of a family car than a luxury sports car.

Many things will make a client choose between any two vehicles with almost similar features. An important aspect is the looks. Talking of looks, there are many things to take into consideration here. First is the design of the body and of course the color or painting on the car. A good painting always makes a vehicle to stand out. In this respect, both the Dodger and the mustang stand out in their unique ways. Tinted windows are obvious for any luxury class car and both vehicles have the same.

Perhaps another thing that makes the two different is the head lights. While the Dodge Charger has halogen head lamps, the mustang boasts of projector beam bi-Xenon lenses that uniquely illuminate the road for perfect vision especially when driving in the dark. Both cars have a windbreaker at the back that is not so high. It simply serves to give the two cars their trade mark identity for anyone looking at the vehicle from the rear. The mustang has an antennae sticking out on the right back of the car but something that is slightly different is the mirrors. The mirrors on the mustang have a black lining on the lower edge that makes them stand out from the rest of the car painting.


These two vehicles would not stand out as luxury cars if they did not have engines that meet such classifications. Looking at the dodge charger’s hood, you will notice that it comes with a 3.6 liter V6 engine which is the smallest. Bigger models will feature even bigger and more powerful engines. The largest in the category is probably the Premium trim known as the SRT8 which has a 6.4 liter engine with 8 valves (V8) this engine has 470 horsepower and the same value of Pound-feet in torque. The largest mustang engine however does outdo this by several pound-feet of torque. This is the Shelby GT500. It has a smaller engine as compared to the Charger premium trim but is better at torque. The 5.8 liter engine manages to do 662 in horsepower and 631 on torque.


With these kinds of engines, fuel consumption is a major aspect worth looking at. It is interesting though to note that both vehicles will do almost a similar number of miles in city traffic. The charger however does a little better on highway driving perhaps because of its ability to accelerate at very fast rates. On highways, you can easily get as much as 31 miles on a gallon. City traffic however allows you up to 19 miles per gallon which is the same for both cars. The mustang however can only do as much as 29 miles on highways which is slightly lower than the charger’s 31 miles.


Comparing the interiors of the dodge charger vs ford mustang, the Charger stands out with some of the most sophisticated features such as key-less entry and car starter as well as a trip computer that lets the driver monitor the vehicle’s fuel economy, climatic conditions and cruise control just to mention a few. The Mustang also has its own features such as the trip/fuel economy computer display panel and a cruise control. The radios and phones system in the mustang have voice control making it easier for a driver to issue vocal commands.