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What kind of car does Mark Zuckerberg drive?

What kind of car does Mark Zuckerberg drive?

Many people consider Mark Zuckerberg a very influential person if the popularity of his initiative; Facebook is anything to go by. Naturally, most people expect billionaires to drive some top of the range luxury cars. It is therefore a little bit of an anticlimax that mark should decide to drive a less classy car. Under normal circumstances, people expect very different things especially when they learn that Mark is actually the founder of Facebook.

His choice of a Mk6 GTI Volkswagen golf is rather unexpected for a person whose fortune is said to run into several billions. This perhaps is a good indicator that Mark does not actually like flashing around. Many young people in his shoes would really want to buy a very expensive ride even if only to stamp their authority and to enjoy bragging rights. It is however important to mention that the Mk6 GTI. Golf is not a bad car at all by any standards. The only difference is that many people have been feeling the heat due to the lack of performance from most of the major products.

The VW maker seems to have been very impressed to realize that the celebrity social media founder actually prefers their vehicle in spite of the many options at his disposal. To show their appreciation, the auto maker actually decided to make a publicity statement by actually rewarding Mark with a Golf branded sweater. This perhaps could be a move aimed at making the brand more visible but also to portray the young car as a good choice for ordinary as well as any other persons who just want a good ride.

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Mark Zuckerberg car must obviously attract lots of attention considering the popularity of the man. As a celebrity who stands out in many ways, anyone would like him to pick out their brand and design from a large pool that he can actually pay for. To the company that makes the VW golf, this is a major step that they believe should raise the status of their vehicle from a common salon to a celebrity worthy car. The Mark Zuckerberg car choice is a blessing in disguise for the VW auto maker.