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What is a dual clutch transmission?

What is a dual clutch transmission?

The dual-clutch transmission is a system that uses even and odd gear sets. More often the dual-clutch automatic transmission is called the double clutch transmission. Mechanical engineers know it is a combination of two separates manual transmission with their clutches. The clutch has a working and a housing unit operated as a complete automatic mode. The dual clutch transmission system allows the driver to shifts the vehicle’s gears from a manual transmission mode to a semi-automatic transmission mode.

Type’s of clutches in the dual clutch transmission system

There are two main types of clutches in the dual transmission system: The two dry individual plates clutch and the wet clutch. The two dry single plates clutch is mainly suitable for cars with low torque outputs whereas the wet clutch is mainly for high torque vehicles. The wet clutch works effectively with high torque cars because it is useful for cooling due to the oil bath. However, the two dry single plates clutch is superb at using fuel efficiently because there is no pumping loss in the transmission fluid.

 Installation of a dual clutch transmission system in the vehicle

There is a concentric arrangement where the two clutches are perpendicular to the input shaft on the same plane with the engine crankshaft being at the centre. The other installation is that clutches are side by side and at a vertical position; you can see the two single plate dry clutch connecting the crankshaft at the centre line. However, there is the latest innovation where the clutch arrangement is such that the gears drive transmission from the engine crankshaft.

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How the standard clutches operate that is distinct from the dual clutch transmission system?

The best definition of the clutch is: It is a mechanical machine that deals with the flow of power transmission between the driving and driver shafts. In simple terms, the primary use of a standard clutch is to determine the amount of torque that goes from the engine to the wheel. The clutch’s function is to connect the two moving shafts. You can, therefore, conclude that the clutch system controls the cars speed.

Advantages of the double clutch transmission system

One of the many advantages of drivers using the dual-clutch transmission is that it comes with an excellent experience. The driver will have a good experience because it takes only eight milliseconds for an up shift. That is to mean you need a short time to achieve a given speed. It also offers an opportunity for drivers to reach acceleration smoothly unlike the manual gearshifts that have lots of shocks. It comes with the advantage of either shifting or allowing the computer to automate the shifts. This system is good at conserving fuels because there is no interruption in power flows from the engine during transmission. Initially, the dual-clutch technology was for high-performance cars but that is changing gradually with innovations coming up by the day.

Finally, many people are aware that there are two types of transmission systems, the manual, and the automatic systems. The dual clutch transmission system comes with added advantages over the typical clutches. It is because the drivers using the dual clutch system do not have to press the clutch pedal, and the stick shifts to accelerate. Everything can be done automatically using torque converters and other sets of gears. Race cars manufacturers have previously used the dual-clutch technology as semi-automatic transmissions but for production of the other cars it is a new technology.

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