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What are the best tuning mods for a car

What are the best tuning mods for a car

What are the best performance mods for your car? This has brought a lot of debate in the forums but a list was compiled based on member feedback to give the best tuning mods available.

chiptuning_2For turbo-charged cars, it is best to consider a remap as the easiest and simplest power gain. This upgrade increases power by 20 to 40 percent upwards and running costs and general reliability will be the same. For a more aggressive remap, hidden downsides will be eventually revealed.

Fast road cams create a great difference in the performance and power of an engine. They change the whole exhaust duration and inlet and move the power band around dramatically. A motorsport grade cam will result in a lumpy tickover and the car becomes difficult to drive in slow-moving traffic.

Brake mods are also a v490694824_522aluable addition in modifying your car. A stopping ability is enhanced by installing bigger calipers, larger, vented or grooved disks and additionally, a high friction, fast road brake pad.

Almost all of our members suggest upgrading suspension because it is easy to set up and fit and can provide a noticeable improvement in performance, most especially for standard models and non-performance vehicles. The variety of suspension upgrades are many and you may wish to read up first on suspension set up and suspension upgrades for more information.

aem-air-cold-intake1For serious car tuners that want the best performance gains, there are internal engine modifications that give the best gains for performance. Polishing and porting the head improves the airflow to the engine. This also makes the engine more efficient and gives more torque throughout the range of rev. A good polisher and porter adds 3 to 5 more angles, further improving air flow. Just as a reminder- more air inflow means more fuel is burned.

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Engine balancing gives you the ability to run at higher revs without risking the engine breaking down and falling apart. If you are stripping an engine down and rebuilding it, balancing and blueprinting should allow you to get the full power gains available.

When you do have a turbo engine it is already a good base for upgrading. A larger turbo will increase the potential of power you can get. There are a variety of options from replacing your OEM turbo to fitting a larger turbo.

Performance exhaust systems also exist, although most of the shelve exhaust systems provide noise rather than performance upgrades. This modifications works best when paired with large capacity and turbo charged engines where great amounts of air are shifted for better exhaust flow to give significant power gains.