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Stance Wheels, Your Shop for Wheel Customization

Stance Wheels, Your Shop for Wheel Customization

A car is not only about function but also appearance. One way to make a car stand out is with its wheels. Wheels are functional but they can turned into accessories to add pizzaz to a car. This is what Stance Wheels has done on hundreds of cars over the last 15 years.

One reason that Stance Wheels is the wheel shop of choice is that they are also constantly putting out new designs that cannot be found anywhere else.  The styles, fitting  and colors that are available here are like no other. The professionalism and customer service is also very high level.

Apart from changing up a look, Stance Wheels also does wheel fitting for different purposes. For instance, if you are wondering how to lower your car so it handles better, you will find a solution here. The most cost-effective way to do this is to replace the original springs on a vehicle with performance lowering springs. This lowers the center of gravity of a car which leads to better handling among other benefits. Perhaps what you want to do is the opposite which is raise your car. This can also be done.

Wheel customization is another reason Stance Wheels is so popular.  This is done under Stance Custom Program (SCP)  that makes it possible to have any Stance Wheels custom painted. SC-8 and SC-6 wheels can be given a one-of-a-kind finish to give a car a luxurious or sporty look. There are two stages of customization where stage one has a choice of simple colors while stage two has an offering of not just colors but also finishes such as gloss and matte finishes, two-tone and candy colour finishes.

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– Ferrari California on tailor-made gloss black SC-1 which makes it possible to have the wheels on a Ferrari painted a glossy black.

– C300 on Stance SF01 which gives wheels a light brush bronze.

–  Audi R8 on SF01 that paints Stance SF01 rotary-forged wheels which is the lightest yet strongest Audi R8 wheel in the signature brush titanium finish.

–  the new SC-1 style wheel that goes on the Mercedes CLS550 in a silver brush face finish that adds another touch of luxury to this classy model.

– Accord on SC-6 that gives the wheels a silver finish and a unique look with the coil covers.

When it comes to wheels and wheel customization, no one does it like Stance Wheels.