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Push-Button Transmission Cars: Things You Need to Know

Push-Button Transmission Cars: Things You Need to Know

Ask any person about one benefit of an automatic car and they will go on and on about the push-button transmission. They will tell you about the convenience of starting your engine with just the push of a button. But if you are a car enthusiast, you would already know that the push-button transmission feature was introduced when most cars required a lever or a knob to start. 

You might be wondering about the mysterious disappearance of the push-button. We cannot provide a definite answer to explain why the push-button transmission feature was discontinued. Factors like the state laws and the initial difficulty car owners faced while operating a push-button transmission car lead to the discontinuation of the feature.

Which Cars Have Push-Button Transmission?

Even though push-button transmission only had five minutes of fame, it was, nevertheless, introduced by different car manufacturers. Here is a list of cars that had push-button transmission cars in the past.

  1. Edsel 1958 (Upper line Corsair and Citation only)
  2. All Chrysler Products (manufactured between 1956 and 1964)
  3. AMC Rambler & Ambassador (manufactured between 1958 and 1962) (except American)

Push-button Transmission Cars: Things You Need to Know

After their sudden and mysterious disappearance, push-button transmission cars have made a grand comeback. We say this because modern push-button transmission cars are quite popular among people as they are easy to operate and don’t require a person to forage through their purse or pockets for car keys. Celebrated for its safety, a push-button transmission car is preferred by both people with basic driving skills and professional drivers. However, there are still some mistakes that drivers commit while driving this vehicle. In this article, we’ll have a look at the common mistakes to avoid when you are driving a push-button transmission car.

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1. Keeping the Fuel Tank Low

An adequate amount of fluid pressure is required for the smooth running of push-button transmission cars. Fuel also plays an important role in keeping the vehicle’s engine cool and lubricated. So, if you keep the tank low on fluid, these important components of the car will wear out faster.

2. Not Warming Up the Engine Enough

During the winter season, the oil in the car tends to thicken. This is why it is important to let the engine sit idle for a couple of minutes so that the fuel can run into the transmission and other parts effectively. However, if you fail to give enough time to the fuel to run into the different parts of your car and shift into gear and start driving from the beginning, you will end up severely damaging your car’s engine.

3. Down a Slope When in the Neutral Mode

If you drive down a slope in the neutral mode, you are likely to slow down your car. Doing this will cut the oil supply, as a result of which the transmission will not get the proper lubrication. This will, in turn, cause severe wear and damage to your car.

The Final Word

Driving your push-button transmission car is safe and easy, but don’t forget to be mindful of the common mistakes that people make while driving these cars.