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Options for Used Tire Disposal Near You

Options for Used Tire Disposal Near You

Disposing of used tires can be a bit tricky. This is because garbage collectors don’t accept them in their dumpsters. Because of the inherent toxic qualities of used tires, many states across the US doesn’t allow used tires to be dumped in a landfill. Keeping used tires in your garage, however, is an open invitation to neighborhood’s mosquitoes and rats who can easily find a permanent abode in the tires.

You clearly don’t want your house space to turn filthy. The best way to get rid of them is to consider free tire disposal options. Even if you cannot find a free tire disposal option, you can get your tires discarded by paying an affordable tire disposal fee. In this article, let’s have a look at how you can dispose of used tires as effectively as possible.

1. Call Tires Disposal Centers

One option that you have for the disposal of the tires require you to search for centers for used tire disposal near you. Recycling organizations across the country take used tires and recycle them. They can even come to your place to pick up the tires. These recycling facilities often ask for a fee for the disposal. Considering the negative impact of the idle tires in your garage, paying some fee for the responsible removal of the tires is not a bad bargain. Finding a tire recycling facility is quite easy; on Earth911, use recycling locator. Call the center and ask whether they pick up the tires. Then, check with your regional EPA office to find out the regulations relating to the disposal of tires.

2. Tire Stores

Many tire stores accept your old tires if you buy replacement tires from them. In your neighborhood, search for any shop that entertains this offer and take your car for tire work there. In this way, you won’t only be able to get a fresh set of tires, but will also get rid of the used tires in a timely manner.

3. Community-hosted Tire Collection Programs

Keeping in view the dangerous consequences of irresponsible disposal of the tires, many communities around the country normally host events to collect tires at reduced prices. They also run tire disposal pick up vans to collect tires from around the neighborhood. The goal behind this program is to reduce the illegal dumping of tires that hurt the environment. If you have any information about such programs in your neighborhood, you can contact the show organizer for the disposal of your used tires.

4. Tire Manufacturers

Another easy way to get rid of your used tires is to get the manufactures of the tires you are using. Many companies allow their customers to send used tires directly to them so that they can recycle it under the mail-back or take-back program. The details of the manufacturers are usually well embossed on the tires. You can contact them and learn more about the offer.

The Final Word

You are legally bound to dispose of your used tires responsibly. This is why it is important to have a look at different ways through which you can get rid of old tires in an efficient manner.