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International MXT Specs, Price and Photos

International MXT Specs, Price and Photos

The International XT lineup of pickup trucks is a super sized lineup of vehicles constructed for both consumer and commercial use. The International Extreme Truck Series, constructed in Garland, Texas from 2004 to 2008 utilized several different features from different semi and heavy-duty Ford vehicles. In all, Navistar International build three different trim models of the XT, including theInternational MXT. The International MXT is the largest of the three and provides several exceptional features for anyone looking to purchase a larger than life pickup.

The International MXT is short for Military/Most Extreme Truck. It first hit the open mark in 2005 at the 2005 Chicago Auto Show along the more traditional RXT production version. On top of the standard International MXT model version there is an International MXT-MV, which is used for tactical movements and also civilian use.


The MXT is a four-door pickup that uses many of the same design features of the H1 Hummer, only on a larger scale. The MXT uses an all-wheel drive chassis that is also lower to the ground than the CXT by a total of 17 inches. The four-door crew-cab design is shared by the other models, although the CXT does have a two-door super-cab design. Most trucks of this size do tend to use six wheels (with two in the back of the vehicle), but as the MXT is designed for off roading on top of highway use, it only sports four wheels. In comparison, due to the use of four wheels instead of six, the truck bed is narrower. Due to this, instead of basing the truck bed on the Super Duty Ford F-350, it uses that of a specially designed Navistar bed.

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International MXT Specs

The horsepower on the International MXT is more than the other versions. It uses a 300 horsepower VT365 V8 engine that runs a 5-speed Allison 2000 transmission. Depending on the exact upgrades and features purchased with the vehicle, the curb weight does vary from 14,000 pounds all the way up to 18,000 pounds.

There are several different versions of the MXT available on the market. There is a standard version MXT and then a special edition Limited version that uses a monochromatic exterior and also brings more luxury trim into the inside of the truck as well. For individuals who are interested in a smaller, consumer grade version of the MXT, Midwest Automotive Design based out of Elkhart, Indiana produces the model.




Extreme Truck”, is actually lighter than the other models. However, it does have a much larger wheelbase at 202 inches instead of 175 by the CXT and 189 by the RXT. All three of the trucks use a 5-speed automatic transmission. Currently though, the MXT is no longer in production, It stopped production in 2008 although it is still possible to purchase the vehicle. This vehicle is available for both consumer and professional purchases. This way, anyone who is in need of the larger truck is able to find it.

International MXT Interior

mxt-interior-3 mxt-interior international-mxt-interior

International MXT Price

Prices for the base model MXT start at $89,500