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International Terrastar Review, Problems and Interior

International Terrastar Review, Problems and Interior

For consumers looking for a professional grade truck different from the more typical Ford, Dodge and General Motors auto companies, Navistar International designs vehicles specially crafted to fit the needs of specialty consumers. The company did sell three different pickup models during the early 2000s, and while Navistar has moved away from that, the company still sells Class 4 and 5 conventional, medium-duty sized vehicles. This includes the International TerrsStar trucks. The company does sell two other medium duty international trucks, including the CityStar LCF and the DuraStar (the company also sells a handful of Navistar Defense vehicles).

International Terrastar Specs

The International TerraStar trucks is often used as a moving vehicle, although there is a wide range of other usages that can be considered when looking at the vehicle. The International TerreStar vehicle uses a tuber charged V8 6.4L that is able to produce 220 horsepower up to 300 horsepower (based on the exact engine used in the truck and the overall design elements). It can also produce 562 pound feet of torque up to 662 pound feet of torque, again based on the engine design.

There are after market options available for the International Terrastar designed by Midwest Automotive Designs, which is based out of Elkhart, Indiana. This company takes the basic International Terrastar design and upgrades it to a conversion Class 6 and Class 7 commercial truck. it is also able to convert the vehicle to a luxury consumer vehicle, if this is required.

The standard International Terrastar is considered a Class 5 truck based on the weight of the vehicle. The class of a vehicle is almost always based on the overall weight of the truck. A larger, heavy duty Class 8 must weight in at 33,000 pounds or more in order to fall under this semi-tractor trailer rating.

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The great thing about the International Terrastar is the different ways it can be used. While it is able to be used as a utility vehicle and a pickup for delivery vehicle, it is also commonly used in the landscaping, construction, beverage, recover and emergency industries. There are specially designed government vehicles that fall under this category as well. The vehicle can be retrofitted with additional features in order to help ensure the truck is able to meet all of the needs of the buyer. This way, if a consumer needs to add refrigeration services and other design elements it can do this. It all just comes down to what a consumer needs. However, the engine specs tend to stay the same outside of the two variables in the engine type.

The International TerraStar features a 3D roar that allows for improved handling and better fuel economy. it also has an efficiency design in the front of the vehicle so it can handle exceptionally well, especially for a vehicle of its class. Plus, the durability of the vehicle is going to allow the truck to handle just about anything that is tossed its way. This way, it is great for a variety of industries.

International Terrastar Interior

International Terrastar Interior

International Terrastar 4×4 Price

from US $119,999