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The Stanced Honda Civic Mugen SI is Exceptional

The Stanced Honda Civic Mugen SI is Exceptional

The Honda Civic mugen si is one of the popular slammed cars of the year. The Honda Civic Mugen Si is a Sedan. The brand has been around since 1973. Mugen has a meaning of without limits. The Mugen Si model is the first of the Honda Civic line to be exported to US. The Honda Civic Mugen Si is a exceptional and easy car to modify in way you want by modifying everything from sound system to lowering the wheels.



The Honda Civic Mugen Si has a sport exhaust, and a revised suspension.  The wheels of the Honda Civic Mugen si is 18 inches of forged aluminum. One unique feature of this car is the aluminum shift knob. Another unique feature that the Mugen Si has a lower suspension. The suspension was lowered to 0.6 inches. It also have increased shock rates and springs which can be easily modified. The car has a big exhaust tip, an air dam that is brassy, and rear wing that is A-380 sized. The car also has beautiful side skirts.The transmission is a six speed manual.  The engine is a 16-valve-inline-4 with aluminum block and head. The car also has a port fuel injection. The car is fuel efficient with the 21 mpg in city limits.  The wheel base is 106.3 inches. The length, width, and height of the car are 177.8 inches long, 55.9 inches wide, and 69.0 inches high.  The sedan weighs more than coupe. It weighs 2941 pounds.



The power of this car is 197 bhp @ 7800 rpm. The torque is 139 lb-ft @ 6100 rpm. According to tests done on the car, it can go from zero to 60 mph in 6.8, and zero to 100 mph in 17.6 secs. The top speed is 130 mph. The braking of the car is 166 ft.  Going from 5 mph to 60 mph is in 7.5 sec.  The roadholding at 300ft dia skidpad is 0.88 g which is lower than the coupe. The coupe is 0.91 g. This is the only thing falls short on this particular car.

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How to lower your car with the Honda Civic Mugen Si. There are three techniques to lowering your car.

First way is to adjust the leaf springs. You have to take them off and get the de-arched by using a reverse shackle, or lodging an axle on a leaf spring. To get a much lower car is use lowering blocks under the flip kit. You have to put C-notch over the real axle. A second way is to cut the coil springs down, or get shorter coil springs. You can also use a torsion bar key to lower the car which is the third way.

The Honda Civic Mugen Si can be consider a very nice slammed car. It has many nice features that makes the car fuel efficient, and has a unique feature that most cars don’t have which a knob made of aluminum. The car has muscle to its power with a top speed of 130 mph. You can definitely lower this car to any height by one of three techniques. Even though the car is pretty pricy, the car is great car to modify and a gratifying car to drive.


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