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The Hyundai Genesis brand is a perfect case example of necessity being a mother of reinvention. A decade ago, Hyundai brand experienced low sales due to the inferior quality of its vehicles that had multiple unreliable features. For the Hyundai brand to survive in the increasingly competitive auto market environment, it had to undergo multiple redesign and makeover to outclass its competitors.


In the recent years, the brand has accomplished multiple milestones and is currently hailed as the paragon of value based automobile. The Hyundai Genesis brand has now scaled to record sales with its new automobiles, and people are even continuing to redesign them by slamming the cars to have a real taste of luxury automobiles. The Hyundai Genesis slammed offers genuine opulence compared to the other cars on the market. Hyundai Genesis slammed cars gives you an option of savoring all whistles and bells without clearing out your children college fund. The current Hyundai Genesis slammed comes with 2 trims of 5.0 R-Spec and 3.8 that take the names from the corresponding engines. The 5.0 R-Spec models has a 5L V8 engine that produces 376lb-ft torque and 429 hp while the 3.8 model has a 3.8L V6 engine that produces 333hp with 291lb-ft torque. All the two models are rear wheel drives, and they use an eight-speed automatic transmission with a manual gearshift control. Hyundai Genesis slammed offers high-end redesign features such as Bluetooth, dual-zone automatic climate, leather upholstery, and an option of fourteen or seven resonance system with iPod and satellite radio compatibility. Hyundai Genesis slammed has an adaptive cruise control and sport-tuned suspension steering to increase driver experience when driving on the roads.

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The automobile is quiet on the highway and glides on any surface with unflustered composure and smoothly dispensing ruts and bumps. In the best scenario is that the Hyundai Genesis slammed has a better handling because it has a low center of gravity. The airflow beneath the car is efficient because less air under the car means a better cooling and flow of air under the car.  Some people prefer putting a negative camber on the tires to assist with handling when the car rolls on the bends by bowing the wheels. Bowing the wheels, also help the Hyundai Genesis slammed have a larger contact patch with the road, which also brings status to the automobile owner when driving on the roads. One feature that you need to note on how to lower your car is to ensure that the maximum angle the car can roll is less than the angles of the wheels for the negative camber to work.


When the car has a stiff suspension, you will need a minimal camber angle for the car to roll smoothly on the bends.  The essence of slamming your car is to reduce clearance people who are not keen might think the car is touching the ground with the wheels and the body. Many people wonder how slammed cars survive potholes and speed bumps, but professional automobile engineers have the skill and expertise to modify the vehicles to overcome such challenges.

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