Airbag Replacement Cost: How Much Is It?

by John Brown | Last Updated: 10/17/2019

Picture this: You are driving on a road with sparse traffic. All of a sudden, the car in front of you came to an abrupt halt. However, you were late in hitting the brakes as a result of which your car collided with the one in the front. Thankfully, the airbag in your car got activated and you didn’t suffer from any serious injury.

As the name suggests, the airbag provides a cushion in case of a collision so that your body doesn’t hit the steering wheel or the front mirror of the car. In traditional cars, the only safety measure was a seatbelt that couldn’t do much to protect the passengers in case of serious collisions.

On the other hand, in case of an accident, airbags inflate quickly and prevent passengers from hitting the dashboard, etc. However, this doesn’t mean that airbags can be used as an alternative to seat belts. For maximum safety, you should always wear a seatbelt when driving.

The hypothetical incident shared in the introductory paragraph may have made you accept the importance of the airbag in your car. Unlike traditional cars, modern cars come equipped with the supplement restraint system also known as airbags. According to the latest estimates by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), in a front collision, an airbag can reduce driver fatalities by 52 percent. This number confirms the importance of airbags concerning the safety of a driver.

How Much is the Airbag Replacement Cost?

Neither of us wants to get involved in a road accident. But, accidents may happen anytime. The good thing is that many car manufacturers are now mindful of increased road accidents and are now equipping cars with safety equipment. After an airbag is deployed, it cannot be reused. This is why it is kind of essential for you to opt for replacing airbag after the accident.

The airbag replacement cost can be anywhere between $1,000 and $6,000. Generally, the average airbag replacement cost is between $3,000 and $5,000. The airbag replacement cost depends on the make and the model of the design and the extent to which a car has been damaged due to the collision.    

Side Curtain Airbag Replacement Cost

In some cases, after the collision, you will not have to change the entire airbag system. This may happen when only one airbag deploys during the collision. If, after the collision, only the side curtain airbags are deployed, you will have to replace the deployed one only. Side curtains typically cost between $200 and $700. In addition to this base cost, you will have to pay for the labor cost that is typically within the range of $90 per hour depending on the level of work required.

How Long Does it Take to Replace Airbags

For your airbag replacement, you are ought to leave your car at the service station for at least three days. The amount of time required for the repairing of your airbags depends on the model of your car and the number of airbags deployed during the collision. However, if you visit your local mechanic’s shop, your mechanic will ask you to leave the car behind for at least three days.

And while going carless for three days is a bit difficult, you shouldn’t miss out on getting your airbags replaced especially after the accident. As mentioned above, once the airbag is deployed, it is not possible to reuse it. Since you already know the importance of having airbags in your car, it is unwise to not get the airbag replaced on time. This is why don’t let the long repairing time influence your decision.

Common Airbag Problems

After a collision, the entire airbag system of your car may need immediate repair. If you want to have a safe drive, you need to resolve these problems immediately. Here are some of the problems that you can face after a collision.

1. Reset Airbag Light

On your dashboard, you will find a small airbag light that indicates that the airbags in your car have not been deployed and are available to be deployed in case of an accident. However, if the light is deactivated, it means that the airbags will not function properly at the time of a collision. It is not a good idea to drive around your town with no airbags in your car. In fact, in some states, you are legally required to deploy airbags in your vehicle. So, if you see that the airbag light is not activated, consult your mechanic and get the issue fixed.

2. Airbag Replacement

If your airbags are broken because of reasons other than a collision, you should get them repaired without wasting any time.

3. Airbag Resetting

Modern cars have an electronic control unit that acts like the airbags’ computer. The unit also has the instrument panel, springs, and sensors of the airbag system. If your airbags have been deployed, you will also have to replace these components as well that play an important role in inflating the airbags.

The Final Word

The rising number of accidents across the US increases the probability of your car meeting with a road accident. Even though everyone wants to be safe on the road, it is an unfortunate truth that it is not humanly possible to prevent road accidents from happening. This is why car manufacturers are not introducing car designs where much attention is given to the airbag system. This safety feature prevents a driver from having serious injuries that, in some cases, leave people permanently maimed.

Driving your car without airbags is against the law in some states. This is why, in case of an accident, you are required to get a thorough inspection of your car and get the necessary replacement done. The replacement cost of the airbags is in thousands, but it is virtually impossible for you to somehow use the deployed airbags in one way or the other. Also, when you are out on the street, it is better to have a fully functioning airbag system for your maximum satisfaction.