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How to Program a Chevy Key Fob

How to Program a Chevy Key Fob

We’re not exaggerating when we say that the 21st century is officially the century of innovations. A decade back, who would have thought that the world will increasingly move towards automation? Even in our wildest imaginations, we never pictured cars getting locked and unlocked at the push of a button. But today, all these fantasies have turned out to be real.

Gone are the days when you used to spend a good one minute to unlock your car. The seemingly easy process used to give you a hard time when you were carrying grocery bags or you had other important items in your hands. This is why when car companies started manufacturing cars that supported a keyless entry system, many people showed their appreciation. However, you cannot get a pre-programmed key fob and would have to program the keys yourself. If you own a GM car, the following steps will help you program your keys in the easiest way possible. So get ready to control your car’s panic alarms, door locks, engines, and trunks by following the simple steps mentioned below.

Things You Need to Program a Chevy Key Fob

The two things that you require for the programming are:

  1. Your ignition key
  2. Your keyless remote

How to Program a Chevy Key Fob: A Brief Guide

Follow these steps to program a Chevy key fob in the fastest way possible.

  1. Enter your GM car with your ignition key and keyless remote and close all the car doors behind.
  2. Now, insert the key into the ignition and, on the driver’s side door, press and hold the Unlock button. Keep holding the tab through the next step.
  3. In quick succession, turn the key in the ignition to ‘On’ and then ‘Off.’
  4. Release the Unlock tab that you were holding and wait for the car’s lock to complete the cycle. The completion of the cycle will indicate that the car’s programming sequence has begun.
  5. Now, hold down the lock and unlock buttons on the remote and wait until the door completes its lock cycle again. Once the cycle is completed, it will indicate that the programming was successful.
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Tip: If you have multiple keys to program, repeat the last step and turn the key back to the On position to end the programming process once.

The Final Word

How convenient it is to open the car’s trunk without having to put down the grocery bags on the road? In fact, if you are surrounded by armed robbers, you can easily send off the panic alarm to call for help. These features have really made our life quite easier. As discussed in the article, programming a Chevy key fob is not a difficult process. All you need is the ignition key and the key fob and some time alone in the car.

So if you have the features of a keyless entry in your car and you haven’t made the most of it, this article will definitely help you program the keys so that you can start controlling your car on the push of a button.