How Much Does a Head Gasket Repair Cost?

by John Brown | Last Updated: 10/15/2019

In the automotive world, the seal between your engine block and cylinder head is called the head gasket. This important component of your car keeps the coolant in the water jacket. Over the years, the head gasket may break down.

The prolonged heating and cooling cycles eventually result in a gap where the head gasket should be. Since the head gasket fails to maintain a seal between the cylinder head and engine block, a leak is formed due to which your engine either gets overheated or is regularly revved to high RPMs. On a similar note, the exhaust gases in your engine’s coolant also indicate a blown head gasket. This means that you will have to pay thousands of dollars in head gasket repairs to restore your car’s engine to its full capacity.

Head Gasket Repair Cost- In a Nutshell

How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Blown or Leaking Head Gasket?

The repair cost of the head gasket is slightly higher than other repairs. The cost can run into thousands, making people scrap the vehicle instead of getting it repaired. At present, the average blown or leaking head gasket repair cost is between $1,000 and $2,000.

Why Is the Cost of Replacing a Head Gasket too High?

The high repair cost of a head gasket is not because of the expensive replacement parts but is due to the extensive labor required to tackle the problem. The process of replacing a head gasket is quite time-consuming as it requires the mechanic to remove the engine head and then replace the gasket. Usually, a mechanic charges somewhere between $30 and $100 per hour. This is because since the mechanic will spend a long time on your car, which will make them forego other repair work. To compensate for the loss of work, the mechanic will charge you more.

What Are the Factors Which Influence the Head Gasket Repair Cost?

Like other things, the head gasket repair cost depends on different factors, some of which are listed below:

Can You Drive a Car with a Leaking Head Gasket?

If you ignore the problem of a leaking or blown head gasket and keep driving your car, you are likely to encounter even bigger problems. A leaking head gasket normally results in the loss of coolant. This means that if you keep driving with this issue, your engine will overheat quickly and cause more problems.

The Final Word

The regular maintenance and inspection of your car will allow you to identify any potential problems in your car. In case you identify any issue with the head gasket, take your car to the mechanic to see if the problem can be solved with minimum repair. In case your head gasket has blown, there is little you can do to tackle the situation and the only option you’re left with is to bear heavy repair costs.