Is EZ Battery Reconditioning a Scam?

by John Brown | Last Updated: 10/15/2019

If you are reading this, we’ll take the liberty to ask you a few questions. Why exactly do you want to know whether EZ battery reconditioning is a scam? Can a book be a scam by default? Like you, we also found ourselves to be fascinated by the mystery of EZ book reconditioning scam. EZ Battery Reconditioning is a $30 e-book that promises to walk you through the simple steps of reconditioning your battery – sounds like a blog you just read?

The book is supposedly written by auto experts who know the ins and outs of the car and who promise you to give you the magical formula for fixing your car battery. Is this promise a reliable basis for the investment of your $30? In this article, we are reviewing the famous book to see if it is a scam or not.

EZ Battery Reconditioning: Is It a Scam?

If you don’t have the time to read the entire review, we recommend you give a look at the pros and cons of the ebook to have an understanding of what you’re signing up for:

Pros of EZ Battery Reconditioning

Cons of EZ Battery Reconditioning

EZ Battery Reconditioning Review

Written by Frank Thomspon and Tom Ericson, EZ Battery Reconditioning is a PDF e-book that teaches people how to fix old batteries. It also gives an insight into how to fix dead batteries to sell them and make money. Obviously, a book that claims to make you rich is bound to be sold like hotcakes.

The two authors met each other at a golf cart company where Tom was an employee and Frank used to come to collect dead batteries. Once, out of curiosity, Tom inquired about Frank’s strange purchases. Upon knowing what exactly Frank would do with the dead battery, Tom showed interested in becoming his partner. This successful partnership then led to the compilation of the book we are now talking about.

What Is Battery Reconditioning?

In simple words, battery reconditioning is the process through which you can revive the dead batteries. The book basically defines, in easy-to-follow steps, the entire process of reconditioning the battery. It then talks about marketing tactics through which you can sell your refurbished batteries.

EZ Battery Reconditioning Scam

If you are reading the book with the sole aim of becoming a millionaire, this book may not be for you. Granted, the book will tell you the best way to conduct the business of selling refurbished batteries. The book doesn’t claim anywhere to make you a millionaire in a few months. Before you pick up the book, and before you consider investing in the business of selling refurbished batteries, you must know that starting a business and the one like selling refurbished batteries will require a lot of time and hard work. You cannot expect to build a customer base and your credibility in a few hours. So, if you are looking for a shortcut to success, this book may not be for you. Otherwise, EZ Battery Reconditioning is not a scam and is a good guide that teaches how to revive dead batteries.