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2016 Dodge Rampage Truck

2016 Dodge Rampage Truck

In each release, Dodge always has something unique and special to show to its customers. The Dodge Rampage is expected to be released in 2016 and customers should expect special upgrades and new features as compared to its predecessors. The 2016 Dodge Rampage will turn out to be a very modern and non-conventional pickup. The 2016 Dodge Rampage concept presents a motor vehicle that is effective, functional and bold.

This version is meant for people who desire the functional elements of a car, yet does not desire a conventional vehicle.   The 2016 Dodge Rampage has a spacious occupant area while still offering the full functionality of a pickup truck. These two functions have been made possible by merging unitized physical body building with a front wheel drive and an independent back wheel suspension; the end product is a beautifully designed vehicle.

The Interior of the 2016 Dodge Rampage

The interior of this vehicle has been changed to become more comfortable and spacious. The 2016 Dodge Rampage will have the Stow and Go function that enables the seats to shoot down almost to the cabin’s floor. The Stow and Go function is installed on the front passenger seat, and this will create more space in the back seat even for large people.

This vehicle has special features like; USB ports, wireless and Bluetooth connectivity and a system control driving and report unit. The entire interior cabin is covered with the high-quality materials; other installations include the all new airbag system and rear cameras. The last two seats can be folded to create more cargo space; this vehicle will conveniently sit up to seven adult passengers and remain functional and beautiful.

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New Dodge Rampage Exterior

There is a U-Shaped chamfered element that runs over the sill and touches on the physical body along the trailing and leading sides of the door; this lays more emphasis on the spacious resident room. Accessibility has been enhanced in the Dodge Rampage when either door is opened; the sill presents a convenient step help. Also, the back door slides open when the front door is hinged conventionally to reveal a creative and functional interior.

The slide function of the back door will make it easier for the elderly and children to enter. The designers have altered the headlamps that are now made using the light emitting diode (LED) technology. The external part of the 2016 Dodge Rampage will come with a sixty side crossbar grille and double flare fenders that will add to its muscular appearance. The wheels are made of an alloy and will have up to 22 inches diameter; this is meant to improve on stability. Also, the suspension will be high-end to enable the car to travel conveniently on rough terrain.


The 2016 Dodge Rampage Engine

The 2016 Dodge Rampage model will have front wheel drive and Chrysler’s Multi-displacement system. The 5.7 liter V8 HEMI engine will deliver up to 354 horsepower and will also include a five-speed automatic transmission. To provide good fuel economy rates, the Dodge Rampage will offer diesel engine and fuel consumption ratings will be between 15 and 18 mpg.


The 2016 Dodge Rampage Pricing and Release Date

The pricing of the all new 2016 Dodge Rampage has been set at $30,000 to $40,000 based on the current exchange rates. Any changes in the exchange rates that may lead to price alterations will be quickly updated. The release date of the 2016 model is set to be somewhere in 2016, but the exact date remains unknown. The official colors that have been released include black, gray, white and the bronze version.

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