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1987 BMW 635CSI Price and Specs

1987 BMW 635CSI Price and Specs

The E24 6 Series took over for the CS line of coupes from BMW. The CS proved to be the last line of luxury coupes based on the initial post-war design, so the 6 Series helped usher in the BMW company into a new era of design. The 6 Series itself started up in 1976 and lasted into 1989, although a new BME E63 series started back up in 2004. The 1987 BMW 635CSI was designed at the tail end of the model run and features some of the more powerful performance features of the line.


The 1987 BMW 635CSI features a fuel injection 2.8L engine and showcased brand new ellipsoid headlamps, which were a new technology at the time. These beams produced more direct right onto the road surface, making it easier to sweat night. The 1987 model also saw the discontinue of the sleeker European bumpers used since production began after World War II. The United States has very specific bumper standards that could withstand an impact of 5 miles per hour without any damage to safety components. BMW decided to maintain the bumper safety standards throughout all of its vehicles, which made it easier to manufacturer for both European and US markets.

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