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What To Do When Car is Stolen

What To Do When Car is Stolen

Car theft can be a very frustrating experience. It is vital to know what to do when car is stolen, just in case some day you become a victim of car theft. Equip yourself with these tips for the rainy day.

Keep Your Head and Think Through the Ordeal

It may sound non-nonsensical to be cal when you find your car missing, but it is the most sensible thing to when you learn that your car is missing. Before you call the cops, ask yourself whether the car was repossessed, towed or misplaced. If you are behind on a car loan repayment, or you simply parked wrongly, chances are that it has been towed. Before you call the cops, ensure this is not the case.

Report the Theft

Being sure of your vehicles theft, engage the police and file a detailed report about the details of your car. Some of the information you file should include the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), car registration, your driving licence and the licensed plate number of the car. Besides these details, any information about specific features or marks on you car that stand out can be very helpful to the police. The police have a way of restricting the resale or re-titling of your car. If you are tech savvy and you had connected your car to a tracking system, notify the police. This will go a long way in tracking, immobilizing and retrieving the car. The report stage is very vital and should be carried out very carefully because you will need the report to make any claim.

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Call Your Motor Vehicle Insurer

Having filed a report with law enforcers, call your insurance company and let them know of the theft. Have the report filed with the police ready because they will definitely ask for it. They may interrogate you to find out if you share your car with anyone and where your extra keys are kept. You should also notify them of anything you had stored in the car like laptops, tools, jumper cables or CD’s. They may be gracious by policy to partially or wholly reimburse the as well.

If you owe any money on the car, either a loan or leasing charges, call the financier or leasing company, whichever is applicable. Furnish them with the theft report on demand because it’s crucial in helping the insurer and financier or leasing company grant or deny a claim. Finally, sit back and let the police do what they know how to do best.