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What is stance coilovers?

What is stance coilovers?

If you work on cars or are simply interested in how performance vehicles are put together, you might have stumbled across something known as stance coilovers. This is a feature that is built over the shock absorbers around the wheels. The shocks of your vehicle are very important and play a key role in the overall quality of ride you are able to receive. the stance coilovers assist the shocks in helping improve the ride. Of course, before you look into installing these features onto your own vehicle, it is important to know a bit more about the equipment and what exactly it is able to do for you.

The coil overs fit directly over the shocks. It fits in a coil, so it looks just like the shock you might see on a bicycle. The coil circles around the shock, giving additional support to the vehicle. This way, it is able to improve the amount of weight the vehicle is able to handle. This is desirable if you have a performance vehicle that does a large amount of off roading, and if you tow a considerable amount, either in a truck or in a towing capacity.

In the construction of the stance coil overs, the entire piston rod is sealed up inside the casing, which helps prevent any sort of dust or debris from gaining access to the internal configuration of the equipment. It also helps reduce the unsprung weight of the vehicle, improving the overall performance of the car, truck or SUV.

While there are several different advantages to the coil overs, the most important is the improvement to the corner balance of the vehicle. The corner balance is simply the cross weight and the ability to distribute the weight as evenly as possible. You do not want all of the weight in the vehicle to be placed over one particular wheel, as this is going to cause problems with how the vehicle handles, not to mention it is also going to wear out part of the vehicle faster than the rest. By having the cross weight even, it is going to improve the tire performance and also increase the traction of the vehicle, stability and the ability to brake properly. If your vehicle is a rear wheel drive, it is going to significantly improve the corner balance and the driving capability of the car as well. This does not just make the vehicle that much more desirable to drive, but it also improves speed. Due to this, if you are looking to race a car, these are an excellent upgrade, as the Stance company states it sees vehicles drop five to 10 percent of track time, simply by installing the coil overs.

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When it comes to improving the overall performance of your vehicle and reducing the general wear and tear of the car, truck or SUV, there really is nothing better than installing stance coilovers onto the vehicle, as this equipment improves performances and reduces the stress on the car.