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What Is 4 Matic System?

What Is 4 Matic System?

This is a term that is common in the auto manufacturing circles. It was first coined by Mercedes maker in Austria. In simple terms, it basically refers to a 4 wheel drive kind of vehicle that also happens to have an automatic transmission gear system. In many cases, the four wheel drive cars especially Mercedes had a manual gear box and the four wheel had a select option so that the driver could decide when to use it depending on the terrain they are driving on.

In the term 4matic, the 4 depicts the four wheel drive while matic is a shortened form of automatic to signify that the vehicle actually has an automatic gear box but is also four wheels. The earlier versions of the 4 matic vehicles were actually all wheel drives meaning that you did not have the option to select four or two wheel drive. Instead the vehicles just stayed in four wheel drive mode at all times. With the latest developments, many changes are taking place and the designs have improved to include select options for the four wheel drives. For anyone interested in finding out what is 4 matic, the explanation is rather simple.

As years have gone by, the system has also evolved. Unlike the old system that was electronically controlled and very cumbersome, modern day systems are easier to fit and even to control thanks to the automatic transmission systems. For a car to run effectively, the transmission is as important as the braking system. The ABS is the main attraction in all modern cars. Even two wheel vehicles are currently fitted with ABS to enhance their braking ability and safety for the occupants.

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Cars that are renowned for the 4 matic system include the Mercedes 124 series as well as other models that have come into the market since 1986. The W210 series also came into the market in 1998 and featured a newer version of the system. Mercedes however had this system mostly on the left hands mainly manufactured in Austria. At the moment, this system, is also in use in some of the latest SUVs from Mercedes including the E-class, S-class and R-class among others.