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Ultimate Dash Camera Buyer’s Guide

Ultimate Dash Camera Buyer’s Guide

What is a dash camera? Well… it is that ultimate device, which allows you to record your best memories on your road trips and at the same time it’s a fun tool to experiment with. Also known as a DVR or a Black box recorder, it is your best hope to have video evidence of any wrongdoings related to your car. Even the act of burglary can be recorded with this amazingly convenient contraption and get you the chance to thrash your burglar.

Many people would argue the use of dash camera and prefer using their smart-phones and digital cameras. But the ease of installation and time are the major factors. One can’t hold his camera still on the dash. Moreover, dash camera comes with a built in feature to power up when the engine starts. This feature along with its durability are the reasons why one should install one car dvr.

When a memory card is full, the camera starts recording over the oldest files to avoid use of other memory banks. A car dvr recorder also sustains the weather variations to ensure maximum battery life.

 Cool Features to Look Out for:

 Heat Resistance


If your device is working above 30 degrees Celsius, it may be a problem. Most Chinese car dvr recorders don’t have this feature. So keep the temperature controlled or buy a Taiwanese or Korean brand.

 Quality or Quantity


Some dash cameras have wide Dynamic Range which has better pixels clarity and a more pronounced people feature. You may find the ones under $150 are the same quality and exceeding that you get good ones.

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 Shipping Costs


Make sure your device is fully functional if you order it on eBay. You don’t want to incur additional charges to ship it back to Asia. Find a local dealer who gives Square Trade Warranty which covers you shipping charges as well. A total of $200 won’t make that big a hole in your pocket.


Camera Size


To avoid hassling from police, install your car dvr at the back of rear view mirror. It keeps the dash clean and your secret safe. A small size camera is always preferred. The video records in segments. So make sure you have the medium range one to avoid bad pixels.


Additional Features

Built-in voice features makes you feel secure about the camera’s working and the mute button gives you the option to keep sensitive data off the record.


GPS System


This keeps a written log of your locations and your speed. You have the disable button to avoid court room usage in case of excessive speeding. Otherwise, it is quite needful in keeping track of your teenage children and in case you lend your car out.


LCD Screen and Wi-Fi


These two features attract the attention of teenagers. If you have a smartphone, you can easily watch videos using this feature. Moreover, in case of a road pull, the LCD screen is a good option to show your car doings.


Driver Assistance Systems

The Lane drift feature keeps you from entering the neighbouring lane while the Speed Warnings use the GPS data to avoid collision. This feature boosts your insurance if you are a fan of speed tickets.

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Battery Life


In most cases, the best car dvr recorders use car’s battery to run. But if your memory gets full by saving your video data as you stall your car, you can buy a DOD camera i.e. camera with an external battery. It alternatively can be used as a portable camera as well.


360 degree rotation

The pivot is quite useful in rotating your car dvr in all directions; Left and right and up and down. It shouldn’t get stuck at any position. This makes recording all directions in a convenient manner.


The Emergency Button

This button protects your files from being overwritten in case of any emergency. It enables you to give clarification in case you are in a legal situation. Commercial drivers can find it quite essential.

The best car dvr camera which has all the above listed features and is worth spending the money is the Vicovation TF2. It has high heat-resistance and can be easily mounted and removed. The DOD-Tech LS330W also among the best car dvr recorder with its amazing video quality, fast start up and north-American manufacturing.

The whole reason to install a dash camera should be holistic. It should incorporate your work, vacations, college and school requirements and make you feel secure of your own car. Getting a camera will allow you to keep track of people you lend your car to. The chances of a burglary also get reduced substantially when you have a camera running at all times. Therefore, a dash camera is the new default thing to have.

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