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Top 5 4 seater sports car

Top 5 4 seater sports car

If you are looking for a sports vehicle that is able to both give you performance and also serve as a practical vehicle for driving your family around, you need to locate the best 4 seater sports car. Some of these are two-door options with a rear seat while others are actually four-door models. Either way, all of these vehicles should give you more than enough performance and dependability for what you are looking for.

2015 Chevrolet Camaro

This vehicle is a new take on the modern classic. It also is one of the least expensive options on this list (the base MSRP is just over the Mustang for price). The base package does come with a six cylinder, rear wheel drive engine that is able to give you solid performance for what you are looking for. It is a two door coupe with a rear seat and it also comes in both a convertible and hard top option. While the back seat is not terribly large, it is fine if you have younger children or just want some rear room in your 4 seater sports car.


BWM does have a few different options when it comes to this. You can go with either the 6 Series or the M6. The M6 does come in at about $35,000 more than the 6 Series, so it is a good idea to keep this in mind, should you decide to shop for a BMW. It is a bit larger than the 3 Series, which is a two door, two-seat coupe that is not something you are looking for. Now, it is important to realize that while the M6 is more powerful, the 6 Series has slightly more interior room for the back passengers, although this is just because the 6 Series does not have as many added features built into the vehicle to take up the room.

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 Ford Mustang

You really are not able to have such a list without the Ford Mustang. For one, the vehicle is incredibly affordable, so it is possible for just about anyone to afford this. Whether you want to pay a few thousand more for the all new 2015 option or you would rather save some and opt into the 2014, the Ford Mustang is a nice way to go when you still want rear seats. Not only are you able to purchase the Ford Mustang as a convertible or hard top, you can also opt into a glass top as well, so you can see the sky above you. this is a nice way to go if you live in a cold climate and don’t want to deal with a soft roof and the snow.

 Nissan GT-R

This is the second most expensive vehicle on this list (being the BMW M6), but it is still a nice option in terms of rear seat offerings and space. In fact, the Nissan vehicle is just behind the 2015 For Mustang and the final car on this list in terms of actual space in the rear seats. While it might not be the best vehicle for large adults to sit in the back (not true sports car is going to be great in that category), it does provide some additional features for you to consider.

 Hyundai Genesis Coupe

Although this vehicle might not have all of the horsepower as some of the other options on the list, in terms of actual cabin size for both the driver and the rear passengers, this is the vehicle to go with. It also is nicely priced with a base MSRP of under $27,000.

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