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Top 10 SUVs and Crossovers for Tall Drivers for 2014

Top 10 SUVs and Crossovers for Tall Drivers for 2014

If you are a taller individual, you need to find a vehicle that is going to provide you with not only the performance you desire, but also the space your legs need. Nothing is worse than feeling boxed in when driving a vehicle. That is why you need to check out these different SUVs and crossover options. Some are luxury SUVs while others are from companies such as GMC, Toyota and Ford. It really just depends what other features you are looking for outside of the additional leg room.

Chevrolet Tahoe

For the size of the vehicle you are receiving, the fuel economy is actually the best on the road today in terms of the general size. US News and World Report ranks it as the top Affordable Large SUV (priced under $55,000), so when you want size and performance, this is the vehicle to go with. It also has some of the best safety features found on an SUV as well.

 GMC Yukon

This and the Tahoe are basically the same vehicle, with slightly different design features. The price is slightly higher than the Chevrolet Tahoe, but it has the same fuel economy and the leg room is desirable. It comes with one of the best safety rankings out there for any SUV, and the large size is great for when you just need the additional leg room and you are on the market for an SUV with most leg room.

 Chevrolet Suburban

The Suburban is the Chevy version of the Escalade (which you are going to find later on this list). It is still considered an affordable, large SUV, and it is larger than the Tahoe and Yukon in terms of both leg room and total storage capacity in the vehicle. If you want a vehicle that is able to give you the most room for camping gear, sports equipment or other features, this is one option you need to check out.

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 Ford Expedition

The Ford Expedition has one of the most powerful engines of any vehicle on this list (especially with those considered “affordable” SUVs). It is a nice vehicle option and, if you are a Ford lover, this is probably the way to go. It does not have the same kind of storage capacity as the Suburban, but it is also the least expensive option available on this list.

 Toyota Sequoia

If you are a Toyota fan, this is the way to go. The interior is a bit vanilla, although this is rather standard when it comes to most Toyota vehicles. It is constructed with exceptional craftsmanship and built to last, although it is never going to truly blow you away with features.

 Cadillac Escalade

Now, a luxury SUV is often classified as a vehicle that costs over $55,000 (generally). There are some rules to the exception, and this often comes down to marketing, but in terms of being the very best luxury SUV that is going to give you leg room, there really is nothing better than the all new designed Cadillac Escalade. If you want an SUV with most leg room, this is the way to go.

 Land Rover Range Rover

The only “British” vehicle on the list (while Land Rover is traditionally British, it is owned by an Indian company now), it is also the most expensive option on the list. However, it has extremely desirable performance features, people love the vehicle and it gives you all sorts of room, not to mention the grill is very Land Rover that stands out from the other options.

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 Mercedes Benz GL Class

The Mercedes functions and handles just like you would expect from a Mercedes. This is probably the smallest option on the list (outside of the next listed vehicle), so if you are extremely tall, this might not be the one to go, but if you want a Mercedes vehicle that provides alright fuel economy for a large SUV, this is a nice ride.

 Lexux LX

This is probably the smallest option, although the cabin sits upright more, so the posture is a bit better and, while smaller, you might actually feel more comfortable in this than in the Mercedes, although you might just need to check out both vehicle in order to determine what works best for you.

 Toyota Land Cruiser

While this is not a luxury name, it does give you luxury features, is extremely large and is going to be along the same size as an Explorer or Tahoe.