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Most Expensive Car Collections

Most Expensive Car Collections

Sultan of Brunei

The Sultan of Brunei leads the pack when it comes to car collection. With a vast amount of priceless and luxury cars tucked away in his palace, this car collection is larger than what we may have seen in the past. The Sultan of Brunei car collection is made up of cars that no one else on this earth owns. Luxurious is the one word that can be used to describe the Sultan’s car collection. This car collection does not include any cars that can be termed as collectible. On the contrary, it includes high-end, exotic cars that one can only find at the Sultan’s home. Estimates indicate that the car collection could be worth a little more over $300 million, which is way above the other car collections we have seen. Customization is also a key feature of the Sultan’s collection. A custom Rolls-Royce Silver Spur Limousine adds a special spark to the car collection. This car is said to be worth around $14 million and it comes loaded with 24k gold. Speed is also a key feature in the Sultan’s car collection. Several McLaren F1’s are part of the collection as well as Ferrari FX and Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR. A Bugatti Veyron 16.4 completes the speed cycle. The total number of cars in this collection is not well known. Speculations indicate that there may be more than 5,000 cars in the collection.

Jay Leno

This is one of the most well-known and popular car collections in the world. A popular stand-up comedian, Jay Leno is also well known for his love for collecting cars. The car collection is said to include over 100 cars. It is also important to mention that Jay Leno also has a huge collection of motorcycles. In addition to speed and luxury, Jay Leno’s car collection also includes some cars based on their age. Some notable inclusions in this collection are the McLaren MP4-12C super car and the 1906 Stanley Steamer. This shows that Jay Leno loves old as well as new cars. This car collection has been growing over the last few years and it is only expected to increase in future. The love for cars has seen Jay Leno showcase his car collection for other car lovers to enjoy. Leno also stocks car equipment, which is specifically used for the maintenance of his car and motorcycle collection.

Ken Lingenfelter

Brighton, Michigan is the location of Ken Lingenfelter’s huge car collection. This car collection is made up of the rarest cars that one could ever find. Lingenfelter is well known through his father, who is a GM executive. However, Lingenfelter has made a name for himself through his company, Lingenfelter Performance Engineering. Apart from the cars being very expensive, Ken’s collection includes exotic cars from all over the world. Unlike many collectors who like to keep their collections private, Ken allows members of the public to view his collection once in a while. The money made from the entry fees is donated to charity. This car collection continues to grow year in, year out and we can only expect more cars in future.

The Sultan of Brunei, Jay Leno and Ken Lingenfelter’s car collections are large, expensive and exotic. There are other car collections that are worth mentioning due to their sizes. Jerry Seinfield, Ralph Lauren and Birdman have car collections of noticeable sizes. This does not mean that these are the only car collections out there. More and more people are turning to car collection as a hobby, despite it being quite expensive.