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3 Steps for Selling a Used Car in Texas

3 Steps for Selling a Used Car in Texas

If you are living in Texas and you want to sell your car, then you have come to the right place. This article will explore the various aspects of selling a used car in Texas.

The sale procedure for a car is a bit complex. You have to fill in various forms and meet other legal requirements for the smooth transfer of your car’s ownership. For starters, every relevant document ought to be passed through the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles. So, look forward to a brief period of regular visits to the DMV office.

Selling a Used Car in Texas

Here are some steps that you have to carry out if you are planning to sell a used car in Texas.

1. Determine the Vehicle’s Worth

When you’re selling your vehicle, you want the deal to be profitable for you. This is why it is important for you to first find out the exact worth of your vehicle. Online resources like NADA Guides help people find the exact value of their vehicles.

Tip: If you are certain that the sale of your used car isn’t profitable, you should consider trading it at a dealership.

2. Get the Car Ready

This is one of the most important – and often neglected – steps that you have to take before selling your car. A well-maintained car is more likely to grab the attention of the potential buyer than a poorly maintained car. Get your car wash and waxed, clean its windows and the ashtray, and vacuum the floor and seats to give the impression that your car is well taken care of.  

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3. Find a Suitable Buyer

The next step is to reach out to a suitable buyer and the best way to do this is through advertising. Create a good ad with complete information, which may include:

  • The condition of the car
  • A list of its owners
  • VIN number (so that the potential buyer can order a vehicle history report (VHR))
  • Recent repairs
  • Modifications or upgrades, if any
  • Mileage
  • Any history of accidents or other damage
  • Asking price

Afterward, list the ad on a suitable platform. You can go for both online and print advertising. For the latter, you have to consult with a news media agency and get your ad printed on their classified pages. For the former, you can list your ad on any of the multiple online selling sites such as Craigslist,, eBay Motors, etc.

Once you have found a suitable buyer for your car, visit the nearest DMV office and ensure that all necessary forms are filled out to transfer the vehicle to the buyer along with the title certificate. You will also have to remove your license plate before transferring the possession of the car to its new owner.  

Tip: You can transfer the license plate to a different car at a County Tax Assessor-Collector office.

Other Useful Information

The local authorities don’t allow selling a car without a title in Texas. However, in case a person ends up buying the vehicle without a title, the authorities allow them to use the bonded title procedure to transfer the vehicle’s ownership.