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How to Fix Seatbelts and Buckles that Won’t Last

How to Fix Seatbelts and Buckles that Won’t Last

For your maximum safety during the ride, wearing seatbelts is of immense importance. Most of the times, there can be instances where you find that something is stuck in your seatbelt. And while you could have considered not putting your seatbelt on until you get the time to see the mechanic, you realize that your state doesn’t allow you this liberty. Instead of getting fined for negligence while driving, the best way is to fix seatbelt on your own.

Now, here comes the tricky part, since you have no idea how to fix seatbelt latch, you are at a crossroads. But, do you know that fixing a seatbelt is not a difficult task. So, save the cash you were going to spend on a mechanic shop and perform a DIY repair job in your garage. In the following easy steps, you will learn how to fix a seatbelt.

How to Fix a Seatbelt

1.  Check the Belt

The first step is to check the belt. For this, you have to extend the belt fully and inspect if there is any obstruction that is blocking the seatbelt. If you find anything sticky, you should peel it off using something pointy and flat.

2. Take the Buckle Off

In this section, we will learn how to take apart a seatbelt buckle. To take off the buckle, all you have to do is to unscrew them. However, in some cases, you will also have to remove the seat. But, this isn’t a difficult process and you won’t necessarily have any trouble while readjusting the seat in the car.  

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3. Open up the Socket

Now that you have taken the buckle off, you will spot a socket between the buckle and the edges of the socket.  Disassemble the seatbelt cover to take it apart.

4. Check the Movement

With the socket out, you will not be able to see the inside of red push button. Push the button and see what is going wrong and what is the obstruction in the springs’ way. If you are able to spot any obstruction, you should remove it from the way of springs. Once the obstruction is removed, the spring should ideally work just fine. If the button is working fine, reassemble all the components to bring the seat in its original position and then lock it. However, if the problem persists, you have to opt for the final option.

5. Replace

If even after the removal of the apparent obstruction the button refuses to work, it means that the button has become unfunctional. The only option that you now have is to replace the broken seat belt. Now, all you have to do is to buy a new one and get it fixed. If you are not confident about installing a seatbelt, take your car to a professional and let them fix it for you.

The Final Word

The malfunctioning of a seat belt is quite a common problem. In case of some obstruction in the push button, you can easily fix a seatbelt at your home.

Willie Austin

Monday 22nd of August 2022

Very great post, John!

The process is simple and easy to follow.

Fixed my Civic belt.

Thank You!