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How to Jumpstart a Car without Another Car: The Different Methods

How to Jumpstart a Car without Another Car: The Different Methods

How to Jumpstart a Car without Another Car

A dead battery is something everyone who drives may have to encounter at some point. It is a scary thought for many car owners, but the solution is not very difficult. Jumpstarting your car’s battery is pretty easy if you have jumper cables and another car around.

But what if you are in the middle of nowhere with no cars near you for miles? Already scared? Don’t worry, if you are wondering how to jumpstart a car without another car, there is always a solution available.

How to Jumpstart a Car without Another Car

Even though this is a dreadful situation for any car owner, it is not one problem that you cannot solve on your own. The dead battery does not always mean you need to find another car, provided you have the right alternative for it.

In fact, based on the quality of your car’s battery, there are ways you can jumpstart it without the help of another car. The simple rule is: the more dead the battery, the more difficult it may be to jumpstart it.

  • The Push-and-Start Method

If you have a manual transmission car, this method can help you jumpstart your car’s dead battery. You do not need any other tool or battery for this. You just need to have your car pushed.

Here is what you need to do:

  1. Depress the clutch fully and put the car in the second gear.
  2. Turn the ignition to the second position; this is different from starting the car fully.
  3. Just turn the key one point to the right.
  4. Let go of the brakes including the parking brake.
  5. Have your fellow passengers or some good samaritans help you push the car.
  6. While they are pushing, when the speed reaches nearly five mph, slowly let the clutch go.
  7. Your car should start at this point; you can fully start the ignition and rev the engine.
  8. If it does not start the first time, depress the clutch and try again a few times.
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This is a very common method that actually works. However, it is limited only to a manual transmission car, and if you have an automatic transmission car, then this is not for you. With this method though, you still need help.

Obviously, this method is only possible if you have someone (preferably more than one) to help push your car. If you have other people with you in the car, then it gets even better as you do not have to stop somebody else and ask for help.

Not everyone carries jumper cables in their cars, and if they are stranded somewhere with no other car to call for help, the push method can do the job for you in most cases unless your battery is completely dead.

  • Jump Starter Battery Pack

This is probably the smartest and easiest solution to deal with a dead battery problem. Regardless of where you are, you will not need any other car to help you. So, what are jump starter battery packs exactly? These are small portable battery packs designed specifically for such a situation.

These items do not just charge batteries; they can even help you inflate tires or charge up your phone. They work the same way as another car’s battery. They come with their own set of jumper wires, and all you need to do is just connect the jumper wires to the positive terminal and a non-paint metal and start your car.

It is quite simple and not at all expensive. In fact, it is wise to have this device in your car as you never know when you might need it. Nonetheless, it will only be useful if the battery pack, itself is fully charged. You might not need to use it for months, especially if you have a new battery.

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So, make sure you keep your jump starter battery pack charged so that it is ready to help you in your time of need. Also, check it after every two to three months to see if it has died.

  • Other Battery Charging Hacks

Still wondering how to jumpstart a car without another car? There are a few other unconventional methods people have discovered over time that may actually work to get your car jumpstarted without needing another car or battery.

If you are in serious trouble because of a very old battery, the solution could be aspirin pills. Yes, you read it right, aspirin pills are not only the solution for your headaches, but also for your dead battery.

If there is a pharmacy nearby or have aspirin pills with you, break them down and put them in the battery fluid. Put some in by removing each cap. Believe it or not, but this can give the battery enough kick to get started.

After this, start the car and take it straight to a garage. This is quite risky as it can take a toll on your battery’s life and can shorten it. Thus, only use this method as a last resort and that too for an old battery that you will have to replace anyway.

Here is another method, commonly known as the hand crank method. However, its effectiveness varies. What you need to do is jack up one of the tires and hand crank it until the battery starts. It is highly unconventional and may not work with all cars, especially for four-wheel drive models. Also, it is exhaustive and somewhat risky.

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Final Words

In all cases, never panic and think through to find the best solution in your situation. If you can find a car to help you, that would be the best option as it is simple and quick. Also, having a battery pack can always come in handy if you or any other driver on the road is having a battery issue.

Today, batteries are better, especially in those hybrid or fully electric cars. Nevertheless, they are electronics which are bound to last regardless of the make and quality. Hence, it is important to be prepared for the worse so that you do not have to endure a helpless situation where your car would not start and you are left stranded.