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Ford Bronco: Its Concept, Price and Release

Ford Bronco: Its Concept, Price and Release

The new 2016 ford bronco is like a re-invention of the old bronco, whose production ran for several decades, from 1966 to 1996. For those who had a chance to enjoy the luxury of the old bronco, the 2016 model will be like revival. There is no doubt that they are waiting with bated breath when the car will be released. This is actually the question most pundits are asking themselves. Having been discontinued for about two decades now, expectations are high that the latest model will come with exciting new features and and design.

The Concept

The design of the new 2016 ford bronco is nothing but perfect. It is a big car that  provides you with sufficient space behind the back seats for your picnic items. It gives you the luxury of planning a party while on the go.

The Exterior

2016 ford svt bronco exterior


Lt’s now take a quick look at the exterior of the car. The 2016 bronco will most likely look like the previous models. The old model wasn’t bad after all. Why do away with a good thing? You may change it, but not too much. Therefore, not many exterior changes are expected on the latest model. It will just be as fierce as the other models, with excellent off road specifications such as higher ground clearance. This bronco formula never fails. However, it will look a little bit more modern. Thus, it will be more appealing and attractive.

2016 ford svt bronco exterior 2

The Interior

2016 ford svt bronco interior 2016 ford svt bronco interior 2


With the 2016 ford bronco, expect a glamorous interior with a drooling design. The car comes with massive, comfortable seats (suspected to be pure leather), with sufficient space for your legs. Every passenger is assured of comfort in their seats. You will enjoy driving this car, given its robust but modern wheel. Hope it doesn’t distract you from the road. Other notable features are the wide LCD screens, an upgraded navigation system and the latest audio system. To say the least, the upgraded cabin of this car will amaze you.

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The Engine, Performance and Fuel Consumption

2016 ford svt bronco engine 2016 ford svt bronco engine 3 2016 ford svt bronco engine 2

It is even more interesting to note that this car comes with a choice of several engines, the most basic being the 5.0 liter coyote V-8 and the 4.9 liter power stroke V-6 diesel engines. The former is capable of producing 420 Hp, while the latter produces 330 Hp and a torque of 645 lb-ft. This one grants the bronco the ability to carry heavy luggage while saving on fuel.  The least favored option is the 5.8 liter super charged V-8 engine, which is capable of producing 662 Hp and a torque of 631 lb-ft. As for transmission, expect either the six speed automatic 6R140 or the speed manual ZF-6 transmission.

The 2016 Ford Bronco Release Date and Price

This attractive car is set for release any time from now as 2015 comes to a close, or early next year. The exact date is not yet out, though. It is expected to hit the show rooms at a price tag of $ 49,950. This the same price tag at which the 2015 Ford F-150 traded.

So, with this information, you have a clue about what to expect with the 2016 Ford Bronco. Look out for its release.