Costco Car Battery: Your Guide

by John Brown | Last Updated: 10/13/2019

The good thing about retail chains like Costco is that you can find almost every essential item under one roof. From groceries to plumbing supplies, this place has it all. This is the reason why, instead of visiting a local mechanic shop, many car owners consider buying batteries from Costco.

Even though this saves a lot of time for people, it is also important to figure out whether it is wise to invest in a Costco car battery. In this article, we’ll have a look at the many aspects of a Costco car battery.

Costco Car Battery: A Brief Guide

Before we discuss the quality and pricing of a Costco car battery, it is important to mention that Costco only sells batteries of one brand: Interstate Batteries. But this isn’t something to be concerned about. Interstate Batteries have a big name in the automotive industry and they are famous for their high-quality products.

1. Costco Car Battery Warranty

Car batteries available at Costco have a limited free replacement warranty. The life of the car battery is approximately 36-months. However, the warranty may vary for vehicles like RV, boats, lawn mowers, and golf carts. When claiming a warranty, don’t forget to bring the original receipt with you. If the date coding on the battery is destroyed or removed, the warranty becomes void.

2. Costco Car Battery Pricing

The reason why Costco gained popularity across America is its hard-to-miss bargain deals.This discounted pricing holds true for car batteries too. Compared with their retail price, Interstate Batteries at Costco are sold at a cheaper price tag. Depending on the type of the battery, the Costco car battery prices range between $50 and $100.

3. Costco Car Battery Review

Even though Costco is selling batteries of only one brand, it has chosen a brand that has immense credibility among people. Many people who have bought the car battery from Costco are satisfied with the purchase.  

Does Costco Install Car Batteries?

People often ask whether Costco installs car batteries. Even though the retail store offers tire replacement services, it doesn’t offer the installation of the battery. So after you have purchased the battery, it is on you to install it properly.

How to Purchase a Battery From Costco

If you are planning to purchase a Costco car battery, you should visit the nearest Costco store. Go to its Tire Center Department and approach a customer representative. Give a complete detail of the make and model of your car. Based on your instructions, the representative will select the car battery for you.

The Final Word

Retail stores were opened to provide ease to shoppers. You don’t have to visit your local auto mechanic shop or drive for hours to reach the service center to purchase a battery. Now, you can easily buy a battery by visiting a Costco store. The only drawback that you may have to face is that Costco doesn’t install your battery.