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Car dashboard signals

Car dashboard signals

There is an assortment of car dashboard signals, all of which you need to know of and all of which you need to understand what it means for your vehicle. There are some that are simply warnings and does not mean you need to panic, while others are signs that you need to take your vehicle in right away.

First off, you need to consider the color of the signal. If the color is orange, it means you probably just need to have it serviced, but that it is not terribly immediate. However, if the symbol is red or flashing, it means you need to take your vehicle in right away. If a symbol is green or blue, it just means that a system is on and running, that is about it.

If you see a warning signal that has an exclamation point and a circle around it, it means there is a problem with the brakes. Some cars simply have a signal that says “Brake,” so you know exactly what the problem is.

A red thermostat signal means that the engine is too hot and you probably are not receiving any coolant. On the other hand, a blue thermostat means the engine is cold, but this is most likely not something you need to worry about as the engine is going to heat up over time.

A red oil canister means the oil level or oil pressure is off and you should go in for an oil change immediately. This signal might have the canister dripping oil or it might look like the canister is boiling and sitting on hot waves. There is also an orange engine cans tier symbol that looks the same but is going to have a sensor indicator next to it. This means the engine oil sensor is not responding properly.

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