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Audi RS3 2016 Photos and Specifications

Audi RS3 2016 Photos and Specifications

The sporty new Audi RS3 2016 has a 5 cylinder engine with plenty of power. Its 2.5 liter engine has been voted International Engine of the Year since 2010. The interior seats are covered in leather and gray stitching. The steering wheel is also covered with leather with a flat bottom.

Consumers will love the driver information system that has a boost pressure indicator, oil temperature gauge, and a lap timer. The pedals and the foot rests are made of quality material stainless steel. The color for the RS instruments are black and the dials are red giving it a very sporty look.

The digital instrumentation screen offers the driver tons of information. It tells the speed of the car, the type of multimedia the driver is listening to, and even lists phone contacts. The infotainment lacks a standard USB plug. It has many standard features like alloy wheels, headlight with LED DRL’s and semi automatic parking with front and rear sensors.

This care is easy to handle with automatic wipers, dual climate control, and heated front seats that work with the touch of a button. It has many safety features for consumers like several air bags. It has side head air bags, side air bags, driver air bag, passenger air bag, rear head air bag, and rear body air bag for crashes.

The Audi RS3 2016 has other safety feature like child safety locks and a blind spot monitor. The blind spot monitor is for when you cannot see another car of truck approaching. It has brake assist which helps when you have to stop suddenly. The Audi RS3 2016 did well in government safety tests for crashing.

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It averages about 24 to 26 miles per gallon. In terms of storage space it could use more bins as they are on the small side. Overall, it is a very sporty safe car rated high by consumer publications.