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The 1978 AUDI FOX is part of the Audi 80 series, which remained in production for 30 years, starting in 1966 and ending in 1996. The 1978 AUDI FOX had a few different names, depending on the release location. In Europe, it was known as the Audi 80, while in the United States it was released with the 1978 AUDI FOX name.

During its limited model run of six years, over one million were built. The vehicle was constructed on the VW Group B1 platform and came in three different body types, including a two door sedan, a four door sedan and a five door station wagon. It came with a standard four speed manual transmission that could produce 83 horsepower. There was also a three speed automatic version available as well.

After the final 1978 model run, Audi fazed out the vehicle and eventually started to design the Audio 80 B2, which had a longer hood and a more luxurious, sedan look. The front wheel drive, front engine vehicle proved desirable for getting around the city, so it marketed itself towards inner city drivers looking for room inside of the vehicle to transport passengers or to go shopping, but it lacked the power for long road trips.

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