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1948 Tatra T87

1948 Tatra T87

The 1948 Tatra T87 is a car built in former Czechoslovakia. The original Tatra T87 initially started production in 1936, with German officers heaping high praise on the overall speed and performance of the vehicle. The car could travel up to 100 miles per hour, and in the late 1930s, this proved especially impressive.

The 1948 Tatra T87 utilized the classic suicide door style, with the hinge located at the rear of the door for the front doors, but used the front based hinge for the rear. This way, the two doors opened together and would come to a point when both were opened at the same time. The 1948 Tatra T87 used what is known as a “sharks-fin” along the rear of the vehicle in order to help provide stability in the vehicle thanks to the potential high speeds the car could travel at, but the fin that ran from the roof of the vehicle to the back bumper prevented any option for a rear window.

The 1948 Tatra T87 was one of the final model years of the Tatra 87. It stopped completely by 1950 due to the end of the Second World War a few years earlier in order to focus on a larger, T603.

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