1930 Bentley “Blue Train” Speed 6

by prettymotors | Last Updated: 04/20/2015

Since the initial creation of the Bentley automotive company, it has always focused on the creation of luxury vehicles for the wealthy. That remained true for the 1930 Bentley “Blue Train” Speed 6. This Bentley started production in 1926 and ended production with the 1930 Bentley “Blue Train” Speed 6 variation.

The Speed 6 offered a sportier version of the larger Bentley 6 1/2 Litre. The 6 is in reference to the engine, as the 1930 Bentley used a 6.5 L I6 engine. It did put out a significant amount of power for the time, with 180 horsepower churned out at 3500 RPM. The model is probably most famous for racing against the “Blue Train.” H.J. Mulliner made a bet that he could reach his club in London before the departing train could reach the station in Calasis. There are different reports as to who won the race, as naturally the two were not right next to one another for the duration of the race. However, the 1930 Bentley “Blue Train” Speed 6 received its name because of this race and it is also why it is one of the most sought after early Bentley models around. In total, 544 were produced.