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Who Makes Craftsman Truck Tool Boxes?

If you’re in the market for a truck tool box, then you’ve probably considered the Craftsman brand. The company, formerly a tool brand owned by Sears, has been manufacturing tools for the past ninety years. They now produce a wide range of hand and power tools, lawn and garden equipment, and storage units for tools and hardware. You can even get these handy tool boxes for your truck at Kmart.

The Craftsman Fullsize Deep Crossover Truck Box offers secure storage for many tools and accessories. Its high-strength body and rigid lid provide maximum protection from the elements and break-ins. Craftsman Truck Tool Boxes are available in matte black or shiny aluminum. Many people purchase this truck tool box for its convenience. It also provides additional storage space for larger tools. There are several other options available, including the Craftsman Crossover truck tool box, which has a high-quality and low-profile design for better visibility.

You can also choose from aluminum or steel truck tool boxes. Aluminum trucks are lighter and cheaper, but you can find a steel tool box that’s equally durable and more durable. You should also consider the tools you plan to keep in the box when making your purchase. Consider the type of tools that you use the most and choose a toolbox accordingly. Keep in mind that Craftsman truck tool boxes are no longer made in the United States. They are now manufactured in Mexico and China. You can purchase semi-custom-sized boxes that fit most truck classes.

Where are Craftsman Truck Boxes Made?

The Craftsman truck tool box is available in shiny aluminum and matte black construction. This box is designed to fit the back of a service truck and features 10.2 cubic feet of storage space. It is 17.2 inches tall and sits higher than other Craftsman truck tool boxes. This low-profile design helps prevent the tool box from obstructing the rearview mirror. It is also available in two different styles: standard and crossover.

Where are Craftsman Truck Tool Boxe s Made? The CRAFTSMAN brand was founded in 1927 and has been a trusted name for toolboxes ever since. Back in the day, the company only sold tools made in the U.S. But now, they sell a wide range of products. These include power tools, lawn and garden equipment, tool storage units, work clothes, electronics, and truck tool boxes.

Many trucks do not have a designated place for storage. Truck toolboxes can be a valuable possession or even your livelihood. They are designed to secure your tools and prevent them from being stolen. They are also equipped with a locking mechanism to discourage thieves. In addition to locking tools, most tool boxes feature weather seals to keep dust and moisture out of the tool box. As a result, you can easily clean your tools and keep them safe and dry.

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Who Makes Tractor Supply Truck Tool Boxes?

If you are the type of person who needs a toolbox for your truck, the Craftsman Truck Tool Box is the perfect solution. It will accommodate tools worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars. With a rigid structure and high-strength body, this truck tool box is sure to protect your tools from damage. But it does not end there. Craftsman truck tool boxes also come with a lifetime guarantee for peace of mind.

The large Snap on truck tool chest features a 19-drawer tool chest with an additional 9-drawer top box. A lot of miscellaneous wrench sets are included in Craftsman truck tool boxes, and the manufacturer also offers a large assortment of socket sets ranging from 1/4 to 3/4 metric. Socket sets are also available for standard, impact, and specialty sockets. A wide selection of drill bit sets and 3/8-inch drive air tools is also included, along with a variety of specialty sockets. A battery booster, two trailer wrenches, a Cobra 40-channel CB radio, a gas grill, and a yard wagon are additional accessories available in Craftsman truck tool boxes.

Several other truck tool boxes are available in the marketplace, with the top mount toolbox the easiest to install. It is secured to the bed rail with the help of included legs. It measures approximately 16″ high, 12″ wide, and 60″ long, and offers 5.8 cubic feet of storage space. It has received positive reviews but many users have complained that the metal is too thin and the factory stickers are difficult to remove.

What are the Tool Boxes on Trucks Called?

There are two basic types of tool box: chest and side bed rail style tool boxes. Chest style tool boxes are mounted behind the cab and do not extend beyond the side rails. They also do not take up any floor space on the truck bed. Chest style tool boxes are great for carrying longer tools, as their sides do not interfere with rear view mirror visibility. Side rail tool boxes are best for trucks that do not have a large trunk.

Craftsman truck tool boxes are made from two types of materials: aluminum and steel. Aluminum truck tool boxes are commonly buffed for a bright shiny finish, and stainless steel models are usually plated for corrosion resistance. If you want the highest level of protection, opt for a stainless steel model. However, make sure you check the specifications before making a purchase. You should be aware of the tools you intend to keep in the box and determine how much it is worth.

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How Much is a Truck Box Worth?

How Much is a Craftsman truck tool box worth? This question has sparked many debates over the years. Many consumers are confused over which tool box to buy. In this article, we will take a look at the different types of tool boxes and discuss the differences between them. It is important to note that there are two types of tool boxes: chest boxes and cross boxes. Both styles have their benefits and drawbacks. Chest boxes are ideal for trucks because they fit under the tonneau cover without blocking the rear view. They also bolt to the bed floor so that sheet goods won’t slide off. And chest boxes are often larger than cross boxes.

The first is the basic version, which features a three-layer foam-filled rigid lid. It has reinforced sidewalls and locks securely. This basic toolbox will sacrifice capacity for strength, but latches and gas lifts are smooth and work well. The medium-security box includes a lifetime warranty, but does not include mounting hardware, which you will need to purchase separately. The cost of mounting hardware is only $2.

How Do You Date a Craftsman Tool Chest?

If you are looking to identify the age of your toolbox, you should know how to date a Craftsman truck tool chest. The first step is to determine its serial number. Craftsman truck tool chests usually have a serial number on the bottom drawer near the front. This number is usually two letters followed by a number. For further information, you can use the following guide.

The serial number is the first indicator of age. Craftsman tools have a serial number that contains 11 digits. If the serial number does not match the tool, it may be manufactured by a third party. You will need to look for the following codes:

The next step is to find out whether the toolbox is manufactured by Craftsman or Stanley. The two companies have been in business for more than 90 years, but the Craftsman name has been around longer. CM stands for Craftsman, and SK means Stanley. During that time, they acquired the King-Seeley toolbox company and moved production to Taiwan, China. While this migration has not affected the quality of their products, it is possible to identify whether a Craftsman truck tool chest is vintage or new.

Who Owns Craftsman Now?

You may be wondering who owns Craftsman truck tool boxes. Well, the tool box manufacturer has changed. From Sears, Craftsman is now owned by Stanley Black & Decker. Earlier, it was owned by Marion-Craftsman, but Stanley Black & Decker now manufactures them. The company also sells work apparel and electronics. If you are looking for a truck tool box, the Craftsman brand is a great option.

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In October 2017, Lowe’s announced that it would sell Craftsman tools. The announcement was the first big move for the brand since Stanley Black & Decker bought Craftsman. However, the company announced that the tools would not be available in their stores until the second half of 2018.

Since its debut in 1927, Craftsman has become a trusted brand. Originally a Sears tool brand, Craftsman has since expanded to include its own truck tool box line. After Sears’ acquisition, Craftsman moved its manufacturing operations to China. Although the company moved production to China, the Craftsman brand’s quality and price haven’t suffered. Now, the brand is available in Kmart stores too.

Is Craftsman Still Made in USA?

If you are looking for a truck tool box, you should know that Craftsman is a trusted brand. The company has been making tools for over a century and has a strong reputation for quality. They also manufacture a wide range of truck accessories, such as tool storage boxes. In the past, all Craftsman truck tool boxes were made in the United States. However, they are now sold at Kmart stores.

If you’re wondering whether a Craftsman truck tool box is made in the USA, you can find out by checking its serial number. The Craftsman serial number contains eleven characters and is a reliable way to find the country in which a tool was made. While some Craftsman tools are manufactured in the USA, others are made by third-party companies. If you’re not sure, you can check on the company’s website to see where their tool boxes were made.

There are three ways to determine if a Craftsman tool box is made in the USA. First, you can look at the serial number located on the tool box. It is usually found on the Product Identification Label on the back or side. The serial number is comprised of 11 characters, including the first two digits. The last six characters of the serial number are the year of manufacture, from 01 to 12. If your toolbox was made in the US, check its serial number for authenticity.

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