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What you need to know about Car parking assist

What you need to know about Car parking assist

Parallel parking is an ordeal for many drivers. However, with the small parking spaces in big cities, squeezing your car into the tiny spaces can be hectic. You may end up knocking other cars, leading to trouble with authorities. The good news is that there is a new technology that allows cars to park themselves. This technology makes car parking in busy cities very easy. All you need to do is to look for a parking space and then press the button and relax. The car will manoeuvre and park without scratching other vehicles. This technology can also be used for self-driving cars and collision avoidance systems.

Car manufacturers are now marketing self-parking cars because of increased customer demand. Parking is one of the most feared parts of a driver’s test. The problem is that it is something that you have to do at some point. Thus, a solution to this test is most welcome by every driver.

Self parking cars can also help in solving the traffic problems in big cities. Some people struggle to park their cars and end up taking most of the parking space. This makes those areas congested. Parking assist is more efficient because cars can maximize the small spaces leading to better parking of cars. The issues of blocked lanes and disrupted traffic are easily eliminated.

Parallel parking assist can also reduce accidents. Sensors and V-to-V communication are more accurate than a human driver. The driver doesn’t need to struggle when reversing. This technology reduces accidents that occur in parking lots. Systems can’t be distracted when parking the car. A human driver can easily cause an accident when other vehicles distract them, but with self-parking they can safely park their cars.


There is no reversing back and forth because parallel parking assist knows when the space is enough and when it is not. The system will tell you when the space is not enough. This will allow you to find another space to park your car.

The only problem with this technology is that it is a bit expensive. This means that cars fitted with garage parking assist may cost more than the other types of cars. The technology is also liable to go wrong at some point. This means that car owners have to invest in maintenance and repairs of the system. All in all, it is a system that is worth investing in.