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What Year is Ben’s Truck on Hometown?

If you watch Hometown, you probably already know that Ben Napier has a vintage truck. In a recent Instagram post, the actor shared photos of his new ride. He got the vintage vehicle to promote the new season of Home Town Takeover, which is set in Colorado. He also showed off the car’s vintage license plate.

Ben and Erin are a couple who love vintage cars. Ben drives a 1962 Chevy pickup and Erin owns a restored 1988 Grand Wagoneer. Their vehicle is named Ouida after her grandmother. The couple has a track record of being refreshingly real, as Erin has spoken openly about her struggles with infertility and online bullying.

Are Ben And Erin Napier Still Married?

Ben and Erin Napier married in 2011. Their relationship has had a lot of ups and downs, but they have managed to stay a happy couple for the last 15 years. The pair have two children together: Helen, born in January 2018 and Luke, born in May 2021. Erin and Ben have been friends since they were in college and have been very supportive of each other. Ben even made a birthday post for Erin, noting that the occasion coincided with her 35th birthday, which was the same day that Huey Lewis & the News hit number one.

Erin Napier is a popular face on Instagram. She has over 804K followers as of 2020, and is known for posting personal pictures of her family. Her Instagram page showcases her life, including behind-the-scenes photos, and family snapshots. Her daughter is a big fan of Yoshimi Battles Pink Robots and enjoys reading and painting. She also says she is an active supporter of the Children’s of Mississippi organization.

How Do Ben And Erin Get Paid on Home Town?

Erin and Ben Napier are popular DIY show hosts on HGTV. They’ve appeared on five seasons of the show and have built a media empire that includes a book, a blog, and a retail shop in their hometown of Laurel, Mississippi. How do they get paid for their work?

The Napiers’ combined net worth is $5 million. Their net worth is based on their HGTV series fame, their small business in Laurel, Mississippi, and their book Make Something Good Today. They also own a stationery company. They both have a background in design and have experience in woodworking.

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The two have long been friends. They met in college and knew they’d marry within a week of dating. Erin is 5’5″ or 165 cm tall. She weighs 60 kg (132 pounds). She has brown hair and brown eyes.

What Religion is Ben Erin?

Ben and Erin are an on-screen married couple. They met during a television interview in the summer of 2012. Ben is a practicing Christian, but Erin is Jewish. The two are best friends and are often referred to as the “Old Couple.” Both are devoted to helping people find happiness and meaning in their lives.

Before getting married, the couple dated for several years. Before they started dating, they worked for three small companies before meeting. Erin has a degree in graphic design, and Ben holds a degree in history. Eventually, they married and moved to Laurel, Mississippi. Ben and Erin have two daughters, Helen and Mae.

Ben and Erin’s TV show follows home owners in Laurel, Mississippi. It shows that these homeowners have a natural ability to find gems in the rough. They have a great sense of style, and are dedicated to loving their family. Ben and Erin share a Christian faith. Ben was a pastor at Laurel First United Methodist Church until he resigned.

Is Home Town Staged?

The popular reality TV show “Is Hometown Staged?” is not based on real life situations, but on the way the show’s homeowners stage their homes. The show is hosted by husband-and-wife team Erin and Ben. The couple’s goal is to show how homeowners can maximize their potential and maximize the amount of time they spend in their homes. The show was originally scripted and featured professional actors to entertain viewers.

The show follows the home renovation efforts of Ben and Erin Napier, who live in Laurel, Mississippi. Although the show has been questioned for its authenticity, it has a devoted fan base. The Napiers have renovated many houses in the town of Laurel. They have even renovated a barbershop and a historic house in the town’s center. The historic home was even used as the set of the Tim Burton movie “Big Fish.”

The Napiers are married, and they met while they were studying at college. Erin has a background in interior design, and Ben is a woodworker. While Ben’s custom work can be kept in the home, the rest of the staged items are removed from the home. The Napiers make sure they only use furniture that they would want to keep. In addition to the Napiers, many of the staged items come from Laurel Mercantile, which they run in their real life.

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Who is the Floor Guy on Home Town?

If you’re a fan of the HGTV reality show Home Town, you may be wondering who Mike Husers is. Mike is the owner of GM Hardwood Floors, a family business that specializes in hardwood flooring. Although he’s not a regular cast member of the show anymore, he was a fan favorite who was often on hand to help the Napiers make their houses look beautiful. Mike’s absence from the show was first revealed in September of 2020 when Erin revealed that Husers had to undergo hip surgery.

After recovering from hip surgery, Mike Husers returned to flooring work a few months ago. However, he did miss several episodes of the show in order to focus on his family. Mike and his wife, Greta, have a daughter and a granddaughter. In addition to being a flooring expert, Mike is a home improvement expert, and he has a big following.

The show’s fans were quick to express their support for the Floor Guy. Erin Napier started a GoFundMe campaign for him. In addition, she posted a new update on Mike’s health. Her husband is expected to recover from his hip surgery by 2022. Meanwhile, rumors of Mike’s wife’s health condition started spreading among Hometown fans.

Are Chase And Katie on Home Town Married?

The HGTV series, Are Chase And Katie on Hometown Married, has gone through several cast members. Most notably, the first season of the show starred Erin Napier and John Combe. In the show, these couples work to make their clients’ visions a reality. However, one episode did feature a sad news. John Combe passed away unexpectedly in a car accident two years after the couple married. His wife, Erin, shared a touching tribute to her late husband.

The show has also been a hit with fans, who have been glued to the series’ new episodes. In fact, the show’s cameraman, Ben, was one of the first people to see the newly-born Helen in the hospital. The couple also spends their time together catching up on HGTV shows and making projects for their home.

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In addition to being married, Katie Hinton also owns a construction business. She says she and her husband are applying new ideas to an age-old trade. On social media, she regularly posts glimpses of their lives. As of 9 March 2022, she holds above $400K in net worth. Her education has been in the field of construction engineering. She attended the University of Southern Mississippi and has three children.

What is Erin Napier Illness?

Erin Napier recently opened up about her mysterious illness and mental health struggles. She shared pictures of her symptoms and her story in her book Make Something Good Today. She subsequently sought treatment for her illness and was diagnosed with coronavirus. She shared the diagnosis with her daughter Helen and her mother. Erin also explained that she suffered from panic attacks and spiral thoughts.

Erin and Ben Napier are home renovation experts who have made their living from their HGTV show Fixer Upper. Their combined net worth is over $5 million. Ben Napier also owns a home-decorating shop called Laurel Mercantile. The couple is now back in Mississippi after living in Alabama.

Erin’s illness started when she was 19. At first, she had episodes lasting twenty-four hours. But after her 2008 wedding, the episodes became much more severe. Soon, she would experience episodes for two or three days. During the worst episodes, she was unable to move without pain. Initially, doctors thought Erin was suffering from cancer, but countless tests revealed nothing abnormal.

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