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What Trucks Do Pro Skaters Use?

There are many different trucks available on the market. You may be wondering which ones are the best for your needs. A good skateboard truck should have a 60mm wheel. You may also want to consider a longboard truck. These trucks have a wide turning radius and are great for learning tricks on flatground. They are also responsive and won’t veer when you’re learning how to position your feet.

Choosing the right truck is important, and can be confusing, especially if you’re new to the sport. Different trucks perform differently in different situations. For example, some are designed for cruising, while others are better suited to skateparks or bowls. If you’re not sure what kind of skateboard truck to use, start with the Independent brand, which is well-known for its heavy trucks. They recently introduced titanium trucks and Stage 11 hollows, which have the most’meat’ for grinding and are great for transitions.

The most popular trucks for skateboarders are the independent trucks, which have been around for a long time. The company’s slogan is “F**k the rest”, and many skateboarders consider Independent trucks to be the best on the market. Their reputation is built on quality and durability, which is the key to their success.

What are the Best Budget Skateboard Trucks?

In the current marketplace, there are many different options when it comes to skateboard trucks. The type of skating you do and the size of your board will help determine which type of truck you need. Some trucks are more suitable for cruising, while others are more appropriate for tricks. Whether you’re looking for a budget option or a more quality product, this guide will help you choose the right ones.

Tensor trucks are among the most lightweight setups on the market, thanks to their magnesium mixture cast hangar. While they may be a bit more expensive than MagLites, they offer a lot more durability than their budget competitors. If you’re a beginner or just want a simple all-around truck, Tensors may be just what you need.

The pivot cup provides a better grip on your skateboard and helps keep your wheels in place. The Super High Rebound bushings distribute the pressure and weight evenly, which makes the skateboard easier to control and perform tricks. In addition, this set has a 4.75-to-7-inch axle for better balance.

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What Trucks Grind the Best?

When it comes to skateboard trucks, there are a few things to consider. There are trucks that are better for skateparks, others that are more comfortable for street skating. There are also trucks that are good for transitions and bowls. If you are looking for a skateboard truck that can handle everything you throw at it, Krux trucks are worth considering.

Trucks come in a variety of styles and materials. Some are hollow, while others are made from titanium. The main component is the hanger, which houses the wheels. The hanger takes a beating from grinding, so it is important to choose the right truck. If you have a hard-core budget, you may consider purchasing a truck with a hollow hanger.

If you’re a beginner, you can get by with the cheaper trucks. They’re comparable to CCS trucks and could be a good choice. They also come in a variety of colors, including black and white. The downsides of these trucks are the limited kingpin clearance, and they’re not recommended for technical grinds.

Do Trucks Matter on a Skateboard?

Depending on the type of skateboard you’re buying, trucks can either make the board feel more stable or make it feel more unstable. Trucks come in a wide variety of widths and can be adjusted to make the board ride better. For beginners, low trucks are best and you can gradually move up to higher trucks as you get more comfortable with the height and width of the board.

If your skateboard wobbles on flat surfaces, the bushings may not be broken in. You may need to loosen the steering, or cruise through the hood for a few turns to get more pressure on the bushings. You should also check the bushings to make sure that they’re in constant contact with the base plate or washers.

A high truck allows you to perform better ollies and minimises wheel bites. However, a high truck is also heavier and more unstable while turning. For these reasons, it’s best to use a shock pad with your truck.

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What Deck Size Do Pros Ride?

If you are new to skateboarding, you might be wondering, “What deck size do pros ride on trucks?” The answer depends on your height and shoe size. Most street and park boards are 7.5 inches wide, but they can be wider or narrower than that. For instance, if you are over 5’2″, you should go with the full size deck, while smaller riders should opt for a smaller deck. You can refer to a deck sizing chart to get more information.

For beginners, it’s best to get a skateboard with a medium deck size, ranging from 7.75 inches to 8.38 inches. For larger feet, you can go for an 8.5-inch skateboard. A medium-sized skateboard is best for cruising, transition skating, and bigger street tricks. However, if you’re planning to learn more technical tricks, you should stick with a narrower board.

Most professional skateboarders use 8.5-inch decks, which provide them with a good level of control and stability. You can also get a skateboard that’s slightly smaller than that, but it’s still plenty big enough.

How Do I Choose Skateboard Trucks?

Skateboard trucks are critical to the performance of your skateboard, but there are several factors to consider when selecting the right one. They can vary widely in size and width, and their bushing styles can also affect their performance. Understanding these factors can help you decide which one to get, as well as maintain them and prevent them from malfunctioning.

The first thing to consider when selecting trucks is the width of your skateboard deck. Trucks with the same width as your deck will offer the best balance and stability, but too wide will cause your feet to catch in the wheels when you push. You may also find that you are less responsive to turns and flips.

Another factor to consider when choosing skateboard trucks is the height of the trucks. Low trucks are suitable for cruising and medium trucks are best for skating transitions. Medium trucks have 53 to 56 millimeter wheels, while high trucks can accommodate 60-millimeter wheels. You can also use riser pads to increase the height of your trucks. Higher trucks can offer you less pop, but they can also make your tail more positioned towards the ground.

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Are Ace Skateboard Trucks Good?

Ace Skateboard Trucks were introduced in 2006 by industry truck gurus Steve ‘Shrewdy’ Ruge and Joey Tershay. Between them, they have over 20 years of skateboarding experience, and have developed some of the best trucks available. They’ve worked closely with some of the industry’s top designers and test pilots to come up with the perfect skateboard trucks.

Unlike many other skateboard trucks, Ace trucks are designed to be highly durable and able to withstand extreme riding. They also have many accessories available to further enhance their performance, including axle and kingpin rethreaders, shock & riser pads, and bushing upgrades.

Ace offers a number of different trucks to match the needs of different skateboarding styles. For example, the 66 series is a perfect fit for wide decks and mega ramps. Another popular option is the 44 truck, which fits 8.12” to 8.5” wide boards. It features a 12mm top cone bushing and a 52mm truck height. It also features a rockered hanger that provides better movement.

Are Bullet Trucks Good?

Bullet Trucks are amazingly durable, while at the same time offering a great price. These trucks have been thought out with skaters in mind, and they offer high quality trucks that will last for many years. While they aren’t as light as standard trucks, they still allow skaters to thrash as hard as they want without worrying about crashing.

The trucks on a skateboard are very important because they give the board stability and turnability. When choosing trucks, look for a mid-sized truck that matches the width of your deck. Some skaters prefer heavy trucks for their stability, while others prefer lighter trucks for better turning ability.

Independent Trucks have been around since 1978, but have recently overtaken Tracker and Bennett Trucks as the top of the line. They offer a lifetime warranty and excellent turning response.

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