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What is Boxlink on a Ford F150?

The installation of a Boxlink system on a Ford F150 is not difficult if you follow a few basic steps. The process consists of pulling and sliding the cleats. Once installed, a BoxLink will secure your pickup’s cargo area. It also features a telescoping cargo ramp for loading small wheeled equipment. Depending on the model, you may also opt to purchase a set of color-coded cargo ramps.

The Ford Boxlink cargo management system is a specialized interface between the truck and trailer. It features multiple locations for tie-downs and provides a universal mounting surface for attachments. Several options are available for BoxLink, including additional tie-down locations and removable cleats. Adding a Boxlink system can make hauling a lot easier. It’s available on the XLT trims.

The Ford F-150 features a unique interface to the box, with four die-cast zinc tie-down cleats that lock into place. The new system also adds power locking and tailgate release as well as LED box lights and useful cargo ramps. The system is located on the reinforced mid-level portion of the box. It supports up to 600 pounds of load in a horizontal or diagonal direction.

What is Included in BoxLink on F150?

The 2015 Ford F-150 is equipped with the BoxLink universal pickup box interface system, which allows you to secure the array of accessories available. With this feature, you can carry everything from lawn mowers to ATVs to motorcycles. The telescoping cargo ramps are easy to store on either side of the pickup box. This feature can be convenient when you need to transport a large load.

This system provides an innovative interface between your pickup bed and your cargo box, increasing your overall flexibility and organisation. There are four lockable zinc tie down cleats, additional cargo-rack locations, and a box-lighting system. If you’re a serious trucker, the BoxLink system can make your life easier. You won’t have to worry about missing important cargo when you’re hauling everything, because it makes everything easier to find.

With the BoxLink cargo management system, you’ll never have to worry about your cargo’s safety, since it’s already tied down. The system is made up of lockable die-cast zinc cleats and has a unique interface with the truck bed. Whether you’re hauling groceries or a large trailer, the BoxLink system makes life easier by adding extra tie-down positions to your truck.

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How Do You Use Ford BoxLink?

Using boxlinks to secure cargo in the bed of a truck is relatively easy. You’ll need a socket wrench set, self-tapping screws, and a T-30 torx bit to install the bed rails. The process will also require you to insert a cleat key into the box link kit’s cleat area. If you’re not familiar with the procedure, the following steps should be helpful.

The BoxLink system offers an enhanced interface for cargo organization, including additional tie-down locations. The system also has lockable die-cast zinc cleats for extra security. The unique interface between the truck bed and the boxlink system makes the box-link system even more flexible and versatile. Simply align the cleat with the insert, then pull the bottom part of the box out to move the insert. Once the cleat is in the right place, you can secure it with the unique keys provided.

The Ford BoxLink system has many convenient features. Its moveable tie-downs secure a variety of cargo. The F-150’s tailgate includes cleats on either side and clamp pockets at both ends. The tailgate also has LED in-bed lighting, a tailgate step, and loading ramps. All of these features make it an attractive and useful truck, and new options are expected to be available in 2021.

What is Ford BoxLink Option?

What is the Ford BoxLink Option on a 2015 F-150? This system allows your truck to accept a variety of accessories, including a universal pickup box. The BoxLink system secures and locks the various options. These include a work surface and tailgate step, and is available as a Bed Utility Package. The Ford BoxLink is a universal box interface system that allows you to securely attach trays and boxes to your truck. The XLT and XL trims come standard with BoxLink.

The box link system is an upgrade to the original cargo box on the Ford F150. It increases your truck’s load capacity, reduces the risk of tipping over, and prevents time and energy loss. It also allows you to load a heavier load in one turn. Because the box link system does not increase payload capacity directly, it increases bed space. It’s also beneficial for truck bedding customization.

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How Do I Install Ford Link Box?

The box link system uses zinc cleats with maximum tie capacity. There are four areas on the truck to install the box link. The process of installation requires four keys. A stripper and key are required to unlock the box link cleats. To complete the process, you need to align the cleats properly. After ensuring that the cleats are aligned properly, you can install the link box.

To install the boxlink bed rails, you will need a socket wrench set and T-30 torx bit. The instructions for this type of installation are specific to the current model year. Make sure that you purchase a Ford Link Box for your truck, as instructions are subject to change. You should also be aware that the boxlink system does not fit older models of the F-150.

Before you begin the installation process, you will want to make sure you have access to a ladder. A ladder or scaffolding is helpful if you are not sure what you’re doing. Be sure to have enough space in the truck bed to install the box link system, since this will increase the overall space of the truck bed. This way, you will be able to carry more cargo.

What is BoxLink on 2021 F150?

The 2021 Ford F-150 is loaded with useful features, including a stowable loading ramp. This can help drivers load ATVs or lawn mowers with ease. A variety of compatible accessories are available from E-Track. Watch our video to learn more about the BoxLink Truck Bed System and the accessories that are compatible with it. It may sound like overkill, but these features will make you glad you have one.

There are many benefits of BoxLink. It provides flexibility for cargo management and allows you to customize your truck’s bedding. BoxLink kits feature zinc cleats that help secure cargo in the cargo area. They have four cleats and are inserted into specific cleat locations. Once installed, the cleats are secured with a key or stripper. Once you remove the lock, you need to align the cleats with the rest of the system.

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The installation of the BoxLink system is fairly straightforward. Installation requires some basic tools, but the process can take between two and seven hours. A friend can help you if you don’t have any experience with the process. Two people can install the cleats in about one to two hours. Installing the box link system doesn’t increase the payload capacity directly, but it does increase the amount of space in the truck’s bed.

Does E Track Fit BoxLink?

The 2021 Ford F-150 BoxLink Truck Bed System is compatible with a wide range of accessories. With its E-Track compatibility, the BoxLink system can store a stowable loading ramp for easy loading of ATVs, mowers, and other large items. The video below explains how the BoxLink system works and shows the various accessories compatible with it.

For heavier cargo, BullRing’s 2′ x 20′ Ratchet Strap with E-Track Fitting is the best choice. The strap’s patented E-Track fitting snaps into the box link and secures the cargo firmly in place. Plus, the BullRing strap features High Strength Polyester Webbing that withstands extreme weather and won’t stretch or crack, even under super-heavy loads. Its rated at 4000lbs MRC and 1400lbs SWL.

What is LED Box Lighting on Ford F150?

If you have a Ford F150, you might be wondering what LED box lighting is. LED light is a plug-and-play technology. Its UV-treated Polycarbonate lens protects against high-pressure water spray. Moreover, LED lamps automatically turn off when the truck starts. They are also controllable using the over-cab light button found on the headlight switch. In fact, the LED lamps can be easily installed in the truck without any prior knowledge of electrical wiring.

LED box lights replace traditional bulbs that formerly dotted the truck’s exterior. These lights give drivers better visibility at night. LED lights are available in four zones. The front zone has low and high beam headlights, fog lights, and LED side mirror spotlights. You can also change the speed of the lights with a touch screen. This lighting upgrade will make your truck more appealing to a wider range of drivers.

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